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My name is Joana and I'm a visual artist that focuses on photography and painting but lately has rediscovered the love for writing stories.

Ever since I got my first computer, my grandma was always amazed at how much time I could spend on it writing (I was usually chatting or doing school work).
At around the year 2013, she told me "with the amount you write on there, you could have already written a novel or two if you wanted" and that stuck with me.
I had tried writing several times before but always ended up discouraged and doubtful of my skill. After my grandma said that something clicked inside me and turned into an itch I couldn't get rid of.
A few years later, I started to begin a few stories, some of which I still haven't finished.
2020 has been confirming my will to tell stories. I always tried it through my paintings and photography but I seem to be able to reach more people with my words somehow. Maybe this is what I'm really here for. So let's try this.

Right now I'm working on a few stories along with some more technical books.

This patreon will mainly focus on my the latest story I'm creating that has the temporary name of Coconut Parfait.
It's a boy's love story. I'm still deciding on almost everything about the story and I hope you can support me and even share your input throughout this process.

The story will have a free version that will be shared on Tapas and there will be extras that will only be shared here with my patrons. The extras will be mostly NSFW extremely hot sex scenes.

I will also try to share some of the progress on other stories I'm working on.

My stories usually focus on LGBTQIA characters. I want to create healthy, exciting stories about healthy relationships. 

Thank you for supporting what I do.

In case you can't or won't be able to subscribe to a membership, I created a ko-fi account where you have other ways of supporting the work I create:
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When I reach this first goal I will buy noise cancelling headphones so that I can concentrate better on writing and can provide new content more often.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts

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