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You’re helping me to keep on creating music, and that’s a huge deal! Thank you. You will get access to the Patron-only feed, where the community gets together and everything gets posted and talked about. Your opinion is important to me, just as important to someone giving a larger amount. I LOVE YOU.
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You’re helping me even create even more, and you are totally awesome for that. Thank you. You’ll get access to the patron-only feed, where we hang out, and you’ll also be emailed downloads directly to your inbox of any new creations or content. I LOVE YOU.
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You’re super awesome for helping me this much, that’s really generous thank you. You’ll get all of the above plus you’ll be a part of the “inspiration group”. I’ll email you randomly when I get the inspiration to. The emails will be personal insights into how I think. I often write poetry and other things as an outlet that no one gets to see, and are not considered for public viewing, just a little piece of me. I LOVE YOU




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Hey beautiful people!

However you have found your way here to my Patreon profile - thank you. I wanted to explain a little about why I decided to do a Patreon campaign.

I have looked at so many different crowd funding platforms over the past many years and decided not to do a campaign because I didn't like the way they asked for money only for a project and then it was over :( Because I have been doing this for many years I know that artists and creators of the arts need recurrent funding not only for one small project but for many small projects that eventually make up your portfolio of works, albums, EP's, videos all this is needed to maintain a community of people who are able to be affected by your work. A career in music is not about one project and one project alone.

When Patreon was introduced to me by a friend I saw immediately that it answered this problem. It provides a way to truly connect with a community of people who are interested in what you are creating. AND it keeps the creator accountable by only funding when a creation is made! I LOVE THIS! It is possible to make a Patreon campaign a monthly campaign meaning that you would contribute monthly even if there are no creations by me. I didn't think that would work for me, I like the fact that I need to create in order to get paid, and I know that my community will keep me accountable. I"m looking forward to getting to know you all, and the people that I already know, I"m looking forward to getting to know you better.

I’ve been getting some AWESOME questions and messages. So I’ve compiled a list of information that I think will explain Patreon in much further detail.

First I’d like to say that unlike other platforms Patreon is a perfect place for people to contribute small amounts because the funding is recurrent. Example if you sign up as a Patron giving $5 you can put a monthly max of $5 (which you only get charged when I post a “Creation”) over the course of 12 months that’s an absolute total of $60, and that’s only IF I create 1 thing every month. Even if I create 10 things every month that’s still an absolute total of $60, and you still get access to my creations. I have supported other artists that I believe in with small amounts $2, $5 to help them on their way. These amounts add up, if 100 give $5 per creation I will be able to create really awesome acoustic videos of my new songs J

Great question! A creation for me will be anything like this:
  • An acoustic Video Recording with audio professionally recorded - $500
  • A song professionally recorded - $1500-$2500 (depending on # of musicians required)
  • An EP (Album with 4-6 tracks) professionally recorded – up to $10,000
  • A music video - $10,000
  • I’m even thinking of creating a book in the future! ?

The creation will depend on the amount of funding to be sure that I can create it. I put some figures to the above creations as approx. of what these creations might cost me.

Yes absolutely when I create new songs I may decided to do a home recording of it just to keep you up to date with what I’m creating and I can post these things “free”. Which means you won’t get charged anything at all.

$56 of $1,000 per music thing
In order to get some new music out! I would need around $1000 to produce a fantastic acoustic version of a new original song!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts

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