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About Me
 I'm Joaquin Diego Arcino (Joaquin D. Arcino), a 13-year-old Chicano/white male who writes fantasy and sci-fi young adult fiction! I'm also a gamer and pretty funny (No lol). I'm fairly open and easy to talk to, so hit me up on discord if you want! My tag is [XN | SS] ElderNova#1464.
 I write pretty religiously, and I usually update my books once or five times a day (lol), so there's usually new content every few hours. Although sometimes I lapse in activity, and my motivation is sporadic as hell. My writing will first go up on here, then onto WattPad. So if you want to see my work before it's finalized, then you can donate to me and view all of my work before it's finished. 

Why You Should Donate
 I hope you'll decide to donate to me - but not for the reasons you might think. I don't actually really need any money - I have more than I need at the moment because I recently graduated from Middle School. The reason why I want people to donate to me is that by donating to me, you are saying that my work - my passion - is good enough and well-enough written for you to pay to support it. That just makes me super proud and it means more to me than any money you could possibly donate to me.
Thanks, and I hope you'll donate to me.

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Third of four tiers. Also, are you drunk or something? Why are you donating this much to me? Am I really that good (No lol)?

 - Benefits of "Helpful Dudes"

 - Access to any and all progress on all of my writing projects

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When I reach 10$ per post, I'll do a Patron-exclusive livestream of me working on a story, and after that first livestream, I'll continue to do so every week.
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