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About JoCo MoFo

Not quite sure how to set this up so you tell me! 

Founder - first tier and only for now. You tell me how to run this until we have 5 patrons and then we will rename and restructure 

I create artwork using Runes and Hebrew script along with various other tools. I love landscapes and nature scenes in general. I have a warm and friendly personality most of the time. I have a good sense of humor and a large vocabulary :) 

I was orphaned at the age of 11 along with my sister who was 9. We drifted apart mainly due to going to separate homes and losing touch. So I came back to be closer to her and an aunt we had who is 72 and not in good health. 

So I am creating art to sell at local street fairs and markets and could use the support if you can give it. I need to buy art supplies and that $#*% is expensive. 
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