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Welcome my future family members! You know i'm fully dedicated to bringing you "the real" at all times, so I wont sugar-coat this..... YouTube is Dying! Many of the Big companies that YouTube relies on have pulled out from funding YouTube and has, therefore, affected me and my channel.

Companies like PepsiCo, Walmart, Dish, Starbucks, GM and Coca-Cola and many more have all pulled funding and advertisement ads on YouTube! this means less money to go around for creators (like myself) who put many hours of their lives into YouTube to bring you all great, quality, passionate content.

My channel has been growing in all aspects for the last year up until this recent fiasco started. Now the content I have been creating has become more of a grind than pure enjoyment due to the dark cloud of uncertainty looming over me and my future with YouTube. Its a scary place to be in as a creator and I am making this effort in order to continue to push through this dark time that YouTube is in to continue to bring you all the quality content I know you all deserve.

My family and school has been put on the back-burner, and that was a sacrifice I was willing to make to become successful for them in the long run, but now, my priorities have changed. YouTube has been taking almost half of the donations that my subscribers have made to me on YouTube and that is NOT RIGHT! Thats why im here.

There is no pressure, comments and likes, and shares are perfectly fine for me from the ones who cant afford to donate.... but for the potential Patrons that can afford to throw a little $ at Jody's Corner will be greatly appreciated.

Im not looking for a hand-out. Im looking for believers who want to support the content that I provide to many on YouTube.

Thank You for Reading this!!
$139 of $1,000 per month
If I can get 1000 Subscribers/Patrons to donate just $1, that would equal $1,000!! this would help rectify the issues that I have been having with YouTube Adsense.

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