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Hi, I'm Joe Friedel.

I'm a digital artist located in BC, Canada. I've been passionate about creating digital art for over 20 years and love to produce beautiful 3D renderings. I have enjoyed encouragement and support from many people over these years, including my friends and family. I aspire to take the next step forward and get my name out there as a professional artist.

I sincerely appreciate your support on patreon. Here is where you'll find highlights of my art not located anywhere else. For example you can find behind the scenes videos at how I create my art, works in progress, or even limited editions of my art only available to my patreon subscribers. By supporting me with patreon, you'll be helping me make steps forward at promoting my art studio and career. Special offers on my art will be available to all my patreon supporters. If you're interested in being a part of me getting started I truly and deeply appreciate that. Thank you.
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Thanks to folks like yourselves I'll be able to explore more options with producing art with this support. Aside from digital still renderings which are my primary interest, I'm hoping to also eventually be able to create computer designed but real world glass and/or metal sculptures in my style made by CNC cutting machines and by welding components together. My plans as an artist are to gain more noteriety while developing my ideas and leaving my mark on the world. I'm very grateful if you want to help me venture forward in this goal through patreon. I would like to involve my supporters in the process along the way giving updates of where I'm at and what kind of creations I'm able to come up with because of the support.
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