Joel Blundell

is creating miniature musicals and short films
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About Joel Blundell

Hey! My name's Joel and I make online content. These are normally in the form of short sketches, short films and mini-musicals, and I've been doing it for quite a while now! They're a little bit wacky but I guess that's what makes them unique. I've made videos about genies and disappearing body parts, musicals about mirror men and singing spiders, and even one video that took place inside my own mouth, in 360 degrees!
Toothsical | A Musical in 360 Degrees!

Recently, I've been coming up with bigger and more elaborate ideas which I'd absolutely love to work on, but quite frankly, I don't have the budget! Making videos is just a hobby, and almost all of my videos require crafting supplies or props that are slowly getting more costly over time. Heck, some of the things I'd love to make require a full set and crew. Currently I'm making all these things completely on my own! So I thought I'd start a Patreon as a way of trying to find a little extra support for the things I make. Hopefully a few extra pennies will allow me to increase my budget and spend a little longer making the things I'd love to make, to the quality that I think I can make them!

Here's a link to a channel trailer I uploaded recently. And if all of this sounds up your street, I'd love it if you would become a patron! I'm only charging by the video, as opposed to monthly as, being a one-man team, these things take a little longer to make than your average daily vlog, and I don't want to charge people if I don't manage to upload something one month!

Thank you for your support, and I'll see you soon!

Joel Blundell
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A fantastic start! My basic craft supplies are covered, which means a whole lot of guilt-free crafting!
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