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You probably found me from my YouTube channel, where I make an absurd amount of weekly content! I pride myself on being one of the hardest working people on the platform, while still having fun every step of the way.

I am currently living off of savings and attempting to make this YouTube thing sustainable. I'm putting in seven days a week into filming and editing and in order for that to begin to pay for itself it needs to start making some money and that's where Patreon comes in! The donations on Patreon go a long way to helping me maintain this crazy level of output. And this ain't a situation where you're making a risky bet, my prolific quantity and quality ain't gonna stop anytime soon! If you choose to support the channel, you will constantly be seeing the product of what your donation helps make possible.

There are also some fun rewards for donating! Everyone who donates gets their name at the end of every film for the months they donate! For donating $5 you get to give me a character name that I will have to use in a short film. For $10 a line of dialogue I must use (this one is really fun because you can really influence what I make if you get creative)! For $50 you get an official Producer credit on my next feature!

That's right! On top of all of these shorts, I also make feature films! These represent a different side of my filmmaking, more and more these films take a very personal, emotional trajectory. I am a filmmaker that despises the industry at large and see the future of filmmaking as one with a direct connection between the audience and the filmmaker, a connection that YouTube provides. Moving forward my features and shorts will coexist on my channel and I'm excited to see how that goes! Watch my five existing features below!


6 months in the making, Island tells the story of a man lost at sea who washes up on a tiny island. The film was made entirely alone. I act as the film's director, writer, cinematographer, lead actor, editor, you name it.

Island is very close to my heart. If you plan to watch it please give it your full attention.

Taking a Little Time to Feel Sorry for Myself - OUT NOW

Bud and Judith's relationship is coming to an end. Bud, a clueless moron, doesn't know how to feel about that.

Taking a Little Time to Feel Sorry for Myself was the first movie offered through Patreon early access. For just $10, people were able to watch the movie early, prior to it's public release. These funds help make future projects possible.

31 Days in Marshall, North Carolina - OUT NOW

In July 2017, Joel Haver and Dylan Dexter went to Marshall, North Carolina. A town they'd never been to, where they knew no one. In their 31 days there, they made a movie with the people they met. This is that movie.


I'M GOING TO BE FAMOUS chronicles my journey as I spend eight months of my life becoming an actor, stand-up comic, rapper, performance artist and buff at the same time in pursuit of fame. The full series is out now! 

Start here with the first episode and enjoy my thirteen episode odyssey!

We Are Sasquatch - OUT NOW

We Are Sasquatch is my first feature length film. Filmed in my hometown of Belchertown, Massachusetts, We Are Sasquatch sees my family and childhood friends bringing to life a mockumentary set in the 90's about a world where sasquatches are assimilated into society once it's discovered they're just very hairy people.

We Are Sasquatch was made for just $200, all of which went to costumes and props essential to telling the story. 



My next feature has been filming for three months now! The shorts have been eating most of my time, so it has been progressing slowly but surely. I am very excited about it, I think it's going to be something special. Expect to see it sometime next year!


Too often I find filmmakers try to cover their tracks, only keeping the most recent projects that they're proudest of available and scrubbing any trace of those pesky developmental films. I think this is dishonest to how filmmakers actually progress, and creates this problem where we're absolutely blown away that Tarantino's first film EVER was Reservoir Dogs?!?! I encourage you to dive into my old films and laugh or cringe or something in-between! 


MakingShorts is the YouTube channel I've used for six years to upload my short films. Dig into the archives, you'll find no more accurate timeline of my growth as a filmmaker than this channel. These can be anything from short sketches to more thought out narrative pieces!


My Vimeo page was made during my time at film school. You will see a fair amount of overlap between this page and MakingShorts, but a few of my best films are exclusively on my Vimeo. I recommend A Family Dinner, Things Happen At a Middle School Dance and Every Other Saturday as some of my favorite shorts I made while at film school. I'll primarily use Vimeo as the platform for my feature films as well.


Though I grow more and more disenchanted with video essays as the internet has become inundated with them, every now and then I have the urge to make one myself and have a channel specifically for that purpose! Everything on there is gaming related right now, I often find myself fascinated with the medium's unexplored potential for storytelling. Though I wouldn't doubt a video or two about film could appear in the channel's future!

What's Going On? With Avery and Joel

What's Going On? With Avery and Joel is a webseries my friend and I created in our free time throughout our sophomore year of film school. In many ways it's a logical stepping stone to my reality-based work in I'M GOING TO BE FAMOUS. Though the series has long been dormant, it's got some killer 'sodes worth checking out. Feeling really adventurous? Check out The Oh Brother Series, my friend Nick and I's series from middle school.

Thank you so much for your support,

Joel Haver

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 39 exclusive posts

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