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About Joe McAdam

At the beginning of 2017 I stopped using Twitter. Instead I mailed out all the jokes I would have tweeted every month to subscribers of this Patreon. It was a little impractical, and I've since modified my Twitter joke alternative to be a podcast called The Last Thing I Need.

The podcast is just me reading jokes I've written. Or really doing whatever I want. I promise it will at least attempt to be funny. No "hot takes" or politics (unless it's funny).

If you want to support it financially, that's what this page is for. I'll find some kind of reward for doing that. I'm not sure what that means yet, the podcast is still quite new. Likely bonus episodes, short videos, recipes, or if you have a suggestion, I'd be down to consider that too.

Thank you if you're a subscriber or a listener or a person not actively murdering me.


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If I get 100 people that want to pay $1 for this, I'd consider myself the Lou Gehrig of podcasts; yes, I'm a podcast.
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