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i made a choose your own adventure corporate phone tree game thing. it's already done. call now, and try to reach a real person: 1-855-LADYFUN

but: even though it's free to call, it costs a lot of money to maintain (about $5 per person, if they explore the whole tree; ~$1 if they don't spend too much time in it). so if you called the number and liked it, consider donating $1 or more so that other people can also enjoy it

the $$$ will go towards paying all the phone bills. if there's an unexpected surplus of $$$, that'll go towards future projects. that would be okay.

otherwise this whole thing will go offline as soon as i burn through the initial grant money i received ($500 from the sf awesome foundation). that would be okay too.

but i think it would be pretty neat if this phone line continued to exist for strangers to call in and be weirded out
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nothing. it's only a dollar. i appreciate it but if i gave you a prize i'd lose money
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i will send you a one-sentence thank you note written on a napkin that I stole from a local bar
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i will send you a longer thank you note written on nicer paper that i did not steal
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i'll send you a good thank you note (nice paper) + a print of the schematics for the tree if i can figure out how
$115 of $500 per $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
this would fund the phone tree a medium amount, unless it gets really popular for some reason
it would be a good amount of money to have
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