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is creating sad stories, micro diaries, and weird chess recordings
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I love you and everything you do is wonderful

You are wonderful. Hello. I think you are wonderful. I am going to post stories online and I hope that you enjoy them.
Cup of coffee tier.
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For just the price of a cup of coffee every month, I will probably get a cup of coffee every month! Or, more likely, a garbage energy drink and some candy.
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Yes, Queen.

At the $5-a-month level Patreon supporters will have access to some kind of SECRET PATREON FEED of the stories and recordings a week before they go up online to the public. Also, behind-the-scenes blog about what I remember about the story, where it was published. Pics of magazines or zines it was in.




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About Joey Comeau

Hello my name is Joey Comeau and I am one of the creators of A Softer World, and the author of Lockpick Pornography, Overqualified, One Bloody Thing After Another and a lot of other books.

I am doing a Patreon account, and my idea is to post short stories when I can, and sometimes audio recordings of me reading them. (Here is a recording of me reading my story Red Delicious, to give you an idea what this will be like!) We'll be building a free audio-book collection of short stories over time, but my main goal is posting them on a website where anyone can go and read my short stories.

Anybody?! Not just Patreon supporters?!

Anybody, yeah. You don't own me! What, I'm supposed to put them behind a paywall so some queer kid in Montana with no credit card stuck living with their shithead parents can't read them?

You and that kid might be friends one day! Now you'll have something to talk about!

$559 of $700 per month
At seven hundred I will occasionaly record myself reading other people's stories or amazing whatevers and upload them! Old Morley Callaghan stories. A weird old guide I found to picking up femmes if you're a butch lesbian in the fifties. Fun wonderful curiosities!
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