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Entertain your friends with videos that are unlike anything else in this world. 

The universe of fractal flames is as unbounded as our own universe and filled with delightful imagery. There are over 2 trillion possible variations of this one type of fractal alone!

Like the famous Harry Houdini, who often times helps Holmes on his more bizarre cases that involve magic,  you will be unfolding magical images to feast your eyes.

You will be summoning angels of light that will dance before your eyes from every spectrum of color of our universe, unfolding unfathomable delights to soothe your soul.

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"Ah-ha, Watson! The game's afoot!"
"I'll never forget those last three words. "The game's afoot!"

Well, when I write Holmes, it's not just the game, it's an entire universe of possibilities...steampunk, magic, Nikola Tesla, the Invisible Man, Frankenstein, Dracula and just about every other kind of classic villain I can think of that I've loved and enjoyed.

Writing is like a second pair of lungs to me. It gives me air to breathe and oxygen enough to make each day special and lively.

I've written hundreds of Sherlock Holmes stories now and would like to keep on doing so, but also include other streams of stories that are fun to pursue. Those of you who have read my books know that I venture forth into alien territories, time and space adventures and just about everything that can move...from horses to spaceships to time machines.

I love entertaining.

But what's the most cool thing about Sherlock Holmes is that he has given me an avenue of expression unequaled to any other in my life. 

The idea of sharing that love with others with a like mind has always been with me. I have been developing my concept of Holmes and his friends over a decade now. Directly and indirectly for many more years before that.

While I’ve written my Sherlock Holmes tales about the greatest detective the world has ever known in my own way…adding more warmth and depth to him…I’ve also added characters that have inspired me, or held my interest for various reasons over the years. In doing so my world of Holmes has expanded, not only to more legendary feats within the hometown of London, but also in discovering new worlds to explore with him. Worlds of fantasy, along with science fiction.

Sometimes quite fantastic…like Steampunk…and other times urban fantasy, where villains and heroes play with higher stakes and more to lose…their very souls!

Over time my world of Holmes has become much wider, far deeper and more developed. I have already written more Holmes stories than the original creator of Sherlock Holmes, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, did. I bring that up, only to point out how much I’ve loved the tales and wanted to retell them, but in far different ways so I could explore that world on far more levels.

This has led to what I call The Baker Street Universe. A universe that is parallel to our own within which every character of every author ever born is alive and thriving in their various ways. And not only them, but their creators; even the authors are alive!

This has opened the door to Count Dracula becoming a friend of Holmes, as well as the Invisible Man. Also, allowing me to do a different take on them…humanizing them more, making them more likable and more appealing as human beings…even if somewhat exotic, or fantastic in their physical and emotional structures.

Now I am into a different phase of my authorship. I would like to embrace Holmes even more with longer stories, which my tales have been trending towards for some time now and then expand from Holmes to other areas of science fiction, fantasy, adventure and mystery. Worlds I have already started to explore, but sometimes don’t find the time to work in as fully as I would like because of time restrictions.

Being an independent writer means I do everything. Write, edit, proof, outline, grammar check, spelling check, promote, market, research and communicate with my readers. On paper that doesn’t look like much, but it takes seven days a week fourteen hours a day and many times more…for me to do this. I would love to be able to hire someone to help me with all that I do, so I can spend more time creating.

So, to that end I’d like to open my mind and heart to you by sharing my work on as many levels as possible. I am a writer as well as an artist, and I love exploring both those worlds of creation.
With your help I will be freed to do more exploring, taking more chances and of course, developing more and better artwork and stories over time. And the beauty of it all is that you will have bragging rights for having helped me do that. You will also have my heartfelt thanks for befriending me in such a kind and meaningful way.

With your help I can devote more time to telling novel length stories and not having to worry if my lights are going to get shut down while I’m typing away and my computer hard drives spinning to a stop because I wasn’t able to pay my electric bill.

With your patronage I can travel to more worlds of my imagination and what’s more fun, bring you along with me.

Your help will open up many more doors for me to explore and to venture through as I continue to grow as a writer and artist, bringing more wealth of imaginative experiences and creative art for you to share and enjoy with me.

And what's could there be that you will be helping me to finally pay down the horrible student loan I have hanging over my head like a hangman's noose.

It's so big you could climb a mountain with it!


Check out my video, which I've composed the music for and the images. Another love of mine.

And here's a flash story from my Holmes series to entertain you:

The Case of the Good Doctor and Nurse Pennymucker
The Doctor had just come home from a weary night at the hospital. He went to his bed and examined a small bottle with something invisible to anyone else's eyes and smiled happily, even though it was a tired smile. He stripped is clothing off to prepare for bed and in the process accidently knocked the bottle to the floor beside his bed. It rolled a tad and stopped against a foot warmer. The cap on the bottle came loose and rolled away.

Twas the night before Christmas, not even a mouse stirred, but something moved in the shadows beneath Doctor Wayne Spickermore's bed. Something dark and dreary. With an agenda that was not its own.

The good Doctor had been at work all day examining the mouths of numerous patients who complained of the local cough that had been going around London for the last several weeks. It was believed to have been imported from the India Isles, as it had all the markings of the Kali Flu that had struck the Britains this time a year ago.

He was bushed. He and Nurse Pennymucker had been working since the early hours of the morning and both hadn't slept much the night before, nor did they intend to this night either, for both their spouses were gone for the holidays, visiting relatives. She was expected to arrive any minute and he had been hoping for a relaxing bit of play before rest.

The good Doctor was an honest man in all ways, but that of matrimony, as was Nurse Pennymucker, but they had underestimated the alertness of their mates. They had been seen sneaking into the Late Night Waldorf for a snack and a snack. Their way of saying fooling around with a good stout in one hand and something a bit more lewd in the other.

Neither the husband, or the wife had said a thing, but rather it had solidified their own plans, which all along was to end their relationships. But how could anyone have dared to assume or cognize that these two upper-middle class citizens would ever resort to violence?

"I say Holmes, this is really quite awful to look at." Watson said to Sherlock as they puzzled about the way that the good Doctor had died in his sleep.

"Most puzzling as well, Watson, I fear." Sherlock mentioned.

Inspector Bloodstone entered abruptly, disturbing their melancholy. "We've just finished the interviews with the husband and wife, and both have legitimate alibis."

Sherlock and Watson exchanged knowing glances. They'd seen this kind of thing before. There was always an alibi. Always!

"I'd like a go at them." Sherlock suggested. "Would you be so kind as to escort them here."

"It's rather late, don't you think?" The Inspector asked.

"Not at all. It's still Christmas and since none of us have anywhere else to go at this time, I can't think of anything better to do." Watson ventured.

Sherlock looked at Watson. He knew that Mrs. Hudson would frown at such words, but he also knew his companion was a sounding board that was a requisite in their partnership.

"I agree." Sherlock said finally.

The Inspector left and the two men searched the room, ignoring the bloated body of the good Doctor, and his eyeballs which had fallen out of their sockets and exploded.

Sherlock pulled a bible down. A Saint James version and rifled its contents, finding old portraits of the good Doctor's wife when they had first married and a picture of a tombstone with a baby's name upon it. His eyebrow rose at that, but he said nothing and put the picture back into the Bible and on the shelf he had found it.

Watson, meanwhile expanded his search into the living room area, and came across a locked desk with a secret compartment beneath it. He had found it by running his hands all over the wood. Another ploy of criminals was to hide their secrets in such ways.

"Ah-ha!" He announced to no on e in particular, and then opened the secret compartment with a surgical tool he retrieved from his black bag, where he always kept his medical supplies, and forensics tools.

"Something?" Sherlock inquired, leaning over.

"Likely." Watson replied, sliding open the secret compartment to reveal a stack of letters. The reek of sweet perfume caused him to be repelled for a moment, then he retrieved them and sat down on a two seat Edwardian Saddle Sofa. where one person faces front and one back. He began going through the letters.

"Holmes, look at this." He lifted a letter for his friend.

Sherlock took it and examined it closely a moment, then nodded.

"As I thought. The plot runs deeper than we surmised."

They continued their search.

The Inspector, meanwhile, abruptly showed up with the two suspects, who were watched over by Constable Evans, who kept a sharp eye on the nervous duo.

"Well now." The Inspector announced as he entered the living room.

Sherlock and Watson looked up from their work and nodded.

"Just a moment more, Inspector, then we will attend to your friends."

The husband and wife glanced nervously around as if expecting some kind of monster to hurtle from the walls and snatch them into oblivion.

Through, Sherlock nodded to Watson, who went back into the bedroom, while Sherlock began pacing the living room with his hands behind his back. His cape flowed from the movement, giving him a kind of mysterious look in the semi-lit room.

"Inspector, I see no reason to keep either of these people here a moment longer."

The Inspector gave him a shocked look.

Sherlock turned around to face the couple.

"Undoubtedly you both had evil expectations of the good Doctor, and possibly for good reason, but I'm sure that your heart of darkness had nothing to do with his untimely death."

"How so, Sherlock?" The Inspector asked as the relieved couple were allowed to sit down at the French table in the center of the room where a beautiful set of Prussian Candlestick holders sat in a buffet of glass roses.


Watson came back into the room and held a set of tweezers up. A roach struggled to get free from its grip.

The couple gasped.

Sherlock smiled.

"What makes this all so ironic is that the good Doctor had planned all along to dump Mrs. Pennymucker once he had secured your divorce, good lady."

The wife shriveled at that accusation. "He would never have left me."

"I agree." Sherlock said, inclining his head.

He held up a stack of letters. "But these proclaim otherwise."

He held up a pink letter. "Addressed to a Shaman in the India Isles. A very well known follower of Kali and a practitioner of the black arts, which I'm sure you'll agree Inspector are nothing to make light of."

The Inspector inclined his head.

"But how could his magic have possibly struck us from there?" The husband inquired, genuinely puzzled.

"By special delivery. Watson!"

Watson held up the roach again.

"His intention." Sherlock laid down all the letters on the table in front of the couple. "His intention all along was to have our tiny guest deliver a good-bye message to you, in hopes of not having to face the stigma of a public divorce, and a sanctioning by the Church."

The wife pale.

"Are you saying that foul insect killed my husband?"

"No. I'm saying that it was the device of his surmise." Sherlock responded pleasantly. "Watson?"
"You see, this little fellow is capable of carrying an inordinate amount of deadly poison in its front legs. It has tiny pouches on both legs, which when warmed to a certain temperature, open up and deliver their contents."

"Then it wasn't the dark arts that killed him?" The husband spoke up.

"Actually. It was. You see this tiny fellow will only wake up when it is shaken from its rest and then warmed to a certain temperature. The good Doctor knocked off the bottle that held next to a foot warmer he kept at the side of his bed."

"Yes." Sherlock said, pausing to light his famous pipe, take a few puffs, then smile at the surprised couple. "So you see the message he had intended for you dear madam, he instead inadvertently delivered to himself."

Later on Sherlock and Watson sat before their fireplace at 221B Baker Street and reminisced about the episode of the murder.

"It's funny, Holmes."

"How so?" Sherlock inquired, his long thin fingers dancing on the tip of his knees as he played them to a tune only his great mind could hear.

"In the India Isles they believe in karma. That what you put out comes back to you."

"Indeed. And it looks like this time it came back instantly, didn't it?" Sherlock replied with a wry smile. "The good Doctor's karma quite literally bit him in the..." Sherlock smiled again more broadly. "...the you know."

Both men laughed.

Outside a few late night Christmas Carolers stopped, seeing the lights on upstairs in 221B and began to sing "Silent Night."

But no one heard them above, for Sherlock and Watson had both earned a good night's rest, and were both fast asleep on their chairs.

(Asleep. Just like this author is going to be now that he's finished putting this up. Yawn.)
$9 of $6,000 per month
My goal is to have enough money coming in to help my daughter through college to become a teacher, to get my grandson into more fun activities with other kids his age who are kind and good. He was abused and tends to withdraw with overly aggressive kids.

I want and need to hire an editor to help with my stories. I go over my work several times and still find glaring errors when I check later. Very frustrating.

I have been doing my own book covers, but I really don't understand the marketplace that well when it comes to doing that, nor do I have the artistic skills of the average book cover artist. So I need to hire artists to do my book covers. Good ones are not cheap. They are expensive!

I also need an assistant to help promote and market my works in all the various creative fields. 

This all takes a lot more money than I am currently making. 

I love writing, art and music. 

I do them all every day.

But even though I am making some money, it's not nearly enough to sustain my personal goals.

Right now I am working 14 hour days, and many times longer, to create an income and it's very, very draining. I am beginning to think I am so tired now I can't think all that clearly anymore and that worries me.

I love what I do, but I don't want to die from it!

I need help. And I'm not afraid to admit it. 

I want to keep writing, doing my artwork, music and growing and evolving in all those areas.

My ultimate goal is to write works of fiction that will be remembered forever as stories that brought new hope and upliftment to all who read them. 

After all, the world can always use real heroes, can't it?

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