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Over the last decade, I've been writing spiritual music for churches, worship, camps, and retreats. People have been asking to have these songs recorded for years and the time has come to make that happen!
I've gathered an awesome group of musician friends and I'm ready to start recording the album There is a Season.
Now, I need your help! The studio time is ready to go. Eric Oshige and Kevin Shehan have agreed to engineer and produce the album. Grammy Award winner, Bill Hare, will be mastering the album. All I need are the funds to make this happen.
With studio time, musician pay, production costs, cd replication and merchandise printing, the total cost of the album will be at least $7000. I am trying to raise at least $5000 on Kickstarter and I would love to have your assistance. On top of that, I'd really appreciate the opportunity to send you a copy of the album before the release date and hear your thoughts.
There will be 16-18 songs on There is a Season that will all be music used in worship settings. Once we get in the studio, there may even be some creativity unleashed for some more tunes.
I hope you will share this with your friends and spread the love! I'm so looking forward to hearing your thoughts on There is a Season!
Much Love,

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