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My name is John and I am a photographer. I not only work as a photographer, I also use it as a means to share art and my heart. My passion is to explore the world around me and meet new people. These explorations range from places nearby like the beach and Los Angeles, to places around the world. There's so much to see and experience, and I'd love for you to join me in this. Through video and photography, I have a means to share what I see and experience.

Why Patreon?
It's tough to admit some times, but I need your help. Many places and projects I would like to create require funding. From trips to photo books, your help will go to furthering my art and sharing it with others. Regardless of funding, I am self-motivated enough to go and explore with my camera. This however slows down when I don't have funding. With Patreon, it's my hope to create a steady flow of funding to get these art projects going and completed.

Art, I believe, in it's purest form isn't just for the artist. I believe art is for others to enjoy and receive from. From ideas to encouragement, I need community. Join me.

Here is my list of projects that I am slowly working on to start and complete.
  • The lesser seen US. I have a map that shows the most photographed places around the world. In contrast, I would love to go see some places of interest that aren't often photographed. From Alaska, the midwest, and several other places, I want to meet people who live there, hear their stories, and share them with you.
    • With this, the goal isn't just to have a photo book or a gallery (although they are part of it), but to open up dialogue and connection between communities.
  • Martin Luther King Jr Blvd: One of my heroes is Martin Luther King Jr. I've noticed in many cities across the country (and other countries) there are streets named after him. Whenever I travel, I look for them to find something unique to each street. So far I have found them in Atlanta, New York, Los Angeles, Germany, Jerusalem, Fresno, and several others. I would love to intentionally dedicate time to finding more.
    • The end result is a book to show a common thread of the US and diversity.
  • As being in community, I love to collaborate on projects. Let me know what ideas you have or how we might be able to partner.

How I Will Use the Funds
  • I travel cheap as possible. Whether sleeping in airports or a hostel, eating cheap, I prefer to use funds towards traveling logistics. 
  • Sometimes I need tools I don't have, be it rental or purchase. Having the right tools is always helpful.
  • For the final pieces such as printed photobooks or videos, funding is needed to produce. Currently I produce everything myself, but I would love to be able to collaborate with creative individuals who have strengths in book design, marketing, etc. Talent requires money.

I have several pledge options to the right. Thanks for even considering. I've created several options for different financial situations. Help is help, no matter what. Even if you can't afford a financial commitment, please pray for me and let's build community. If we do that, that is the goal accomplished.
$0 of $500 per month
Starting with $500 per month, I will be able to travel to most places in the US once a month. This would at least help cover the airfare and a place to stay.
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