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Hi my name is John. I am just getting started with Patreon. I have been an artist creating paintings for many years. I was very into painting since I was young and went on to study painting in college. I got a BFA in painting from Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore. I have exhibited my work in many different galleries. I have also done art for CDs, posters, books and some comics. I like all kinds of art and love learning about art. Now I am an independent artist and I think Patreon may help me grow. You have the chance to be the first people to help me in this space. I want to do something special for those who believe in me. What would you like to see here? Would you like to see tutorials? I want to take on some bigger project goals. Such as maybe a book project.  I am still learning about this but I want to invite you to join me in shaping this new community.
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I am going to produce a postcard that I mail out to Patrons. Patrons will help me choose the card printed. I will also sell the cards in my shop.
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