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is creating technical articles and videos.

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I don't use any paywall to gate off content. If you love the content of my blogs and want to support the production of more, chip in, but do not feel obliged. I love all the support I get! Think of it as a subscription fee that you don't actually have to subscribe to in order to get anything, but the creator of said subscription would love it if you *did* throw in a buck or so.




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Hi, my name is John Huggins. I write articles and make videos about technical topics including:
All articles and videos are always available and always free. Making content takes time and often materials. Take a look at some of the articles. If you find value in what you see, please consider supporting my efforts with a pledge. Small amounts add up to tremendous help keeping the hosting funded, Internet safeguards in place, and article production costs under control.

I am not alone in the belief the traditional role of advertising for content has suffered a significant blow in recent years. I've rejected the idea of growing the number of ads on my web sites to ridiculous levels that do more to ruin user experience than enhance revenue. I believe folks value quality content so I cannot thank you enough to at least consider a pledge to validate the years of hard work represented in the above web sites and help underwrite new content.
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