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About John Knox

I'm an Activist.
I make people Curious to know more about the systems that surround them that modify the weather [geoengineering], that modify their food [GMOs], that modify their water [fluoridation], that modify their energetic bodies [EMFs, WiFi, cell towers], that effect the Earth [fracking], that modify their bodies [vaccinations, endocrine disruptors] that directly effect their Freedom [UN Agenda 21/2030] and their financial success [the Federal Reserve, private central banking interests].
Nothing can stop a human who's Curious...a human who wants to know more.
My job, my life is to raise this Awareness of these Trojan Horses, through making videos and presenting lectures to organizations who will bring other Activists together.
"I Do Not Consent" is my message, and under the 1st Amendment rights, I'll continue to say this as long as I live!!

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