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- Access to exclusive write-ups about my photography work: Get a first-hand account of what it's like to photograph rocket launches as a member of the media. See my planning and thought processes going into launches and see breakdowns of some of my favorite images.

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- Download high-resolution copies of my images: Display photos of mine on your desktop or mobile device! Select photos are available to download for personal use via my SmugMug store. Images from the past 5-6 launches I've photographed will be available to download in this rotating catalogue.

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Who I am + What I do
I'm John Kraus, full-time freelance spaceflight photographer based near Cape Canaveral, Florida. I set up sound-activated cameras at the Cape's launch facilities — often very close to the rockets — to capture stunning closeup views of launches. Check out the above video, produced by VICE News for HBO, to gain more insight into my photography.

Want to see some of my work?
You can view my website and portfolio here.

Why am I on Patreon?
A large number of small pledges adds up quickly: Monthly contributions of $2, $5, or even $10+ from hundreds of individuals allow a creator to support themselves while focusing on creativity and creating excellent content. Other sources of revenue, such as selling prints and licensing photos, are neither consistent nor guaranteed. But monthly financial support from Patreon can be both consistent and guaranteed, which will allow me to continue doing photography full-time.

The world's launch cadence is rising; with it I want the quality of my photography and the scope of my coverage to rise as well. New companies are entering the world of spaceflight and existing companies are doing things we previously considered impossible — I want to be there to document it all!

Where has my work been featured?
My images have appeared on the covers of magazines such as Bloomberg Businessweek and Aviation Week, one of my photographs is displayed two-stories tall at United Launch Alliance's headquarters in Colorado, and I've been featured in numerous online publications including National Geographic and CNBC. One of my photos won Aviation Week magazine’s annual photo contest in 2018, winning the “Best of the Best” award — the first space photo to do so in the contest’s history. You can see more places my work has been featured on my website's about page.

What's in it for you:
— By becoming a "Stage 1" patron ($2+), you get access to my exclusive Discord server, as well as my patron-only feed on Patreon. Discord is a Skype/Teamspeak-like chat service where my patrons can interact with me directly, and is a place where I frequently share behind the scenes content leading up to launches, such as real-time coverage as I set up remote cameras near rockets! If you frequently find yourself wanting to ask questions about my work, my Discord server is the best place to chat with me regularly.

— My "Stage 2" patrons ($5+) also get access to written posts detailing various aspects of my workflow. Patrons at this tier get an exclusive look at the planning and thought processes behind the photos I capture, insight to the intricacies of capturing stunning rocket launch imagery, as well as the learned experiences and difficulties that come with photographing such a unique subject.

— "Stage 3" patrons ($10+), in addition to all other benefits, are able to download copies of my images from recent launches for personal use. Spice up your desktop or phone wallpaper with some high-resolution (~3,000px wide) spaceflight photos! Shortly after you sign up for this tier, I manually enable your access to a private gallery on my website, and you will receive an email invitation to quickly make a SmugMug guest account and access the gallery (as this is done manually, it may take a day or so to process). These photos are strictly for personal/private usage and are not meant to be distributed. Organizations looking to license my content can do so by contacting me via my website.

Whether you're a patron or just here to see what I'm up to, thank you for the continued support!
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