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I will assist on your restorations depending on the difficulty of the task. Basic restoration needs will be met.

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Coaching and Training for reglues, repaints, sole swaps, and cleat swaps.

I will coach you personally on how to perform restoration tasks. If my videos on youtube aren't enough, I will guide you through the procedures thoroughly. 




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I've been repairing sneakers since 2011. All of my success has been through encountering a shit ton of mistakes and learning from them at a price. I would buy the clients new shoes and figure out how to attack the issue at a different angle. This forced me to think outside of the box. What my Patreon will do for you will be to avoid the same mistakes I went through, so you will learn faster and adapt your own skill set to improve on what I advise. Nobody get's perfect at a craft without being mentally prepared for the failure down the road. I'm not going to sugar coat this for you and say it'll be easy. You have to realize that it is part of the journey. You need to fail in order to jump to the next level. Otherwise you'll plateau and won't improve on your craft if you're too scared to fail. Even with my guidance, you still need to fail in order to get better. You can't read a whole book on how to drive without actually getting behind the wheel. You can read that book front to back, back to front, watch all the youtube videos on how to drive a car until your face is blue. The only way to become an expert at anything is to practice and fail. So take your time and be patient when it is your first time tackling an issue. You will get frustrated. You'll want to give up. Endure it. You'll get through it.

I've learned not everybody will know what a sneaker restorer is. You have no idea how many times I've talked to the OG's who have been collecting since they saw Michael Jordan run down the court in 1985. They have piles and piles of shoes collecting dust, crumbling, waiting to get restored and sole swapped. Some of them even throw away their valuable shoes since they don't know anyone can restore shoes. This is still a new niche not everyone will know! It's only a matter of them trusting you with their shoes so you can make a profit. Not everyone wants to ship their shoes across the USA. You can be the main restorer for your city or state. I live in California and even though people trust me to repair their shoes, they don't trust the postal service to deliver the shoes. They can deal locally with you instead. I know this for a fact because I've had clients drive two to three hours away just to drop off a pair of shoes for me to restore. They could of went to the post office, paid $7 - $10, and save money on gas and time! That's a 5 to 6 hour investment in time since they still have to drive back home after they drop off the shoes. Not to mention another 5 to 6 hours to pick up the shoes after they're completed. 

Apply for the Gold package to get one on one guidance. It will be posting privately on how to tackle issues you are dealing with. Comment on the videos below on what you want to learn next. Not all of my tutorials will be on youtube. Only the basics will be shared on both platforms so finding tips and tricks will be easier to spot on patreon than shifting through all of the videos on youtube. 
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