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About Johnnyboy Tellem

Thanks for checking out my Patreon! I am the CEO of Stay Visualant media company based in Atlanta, Georgia. I am also a filmmaker, actor, rapper, poet, OneWheeler, and so on. If you're new to my stuff, please check out my YouTube channel first to understand who I am and what types of content I create.

By becoming a patron, not only you are assisting me financially, but also allowing me to continue to grow as a unique content creator and light worker. You can have MANY PRIVILEGES that others do not have such as: watch my videos in advance, get unlimited access to Patreon exclusive/bonus content, being a family member of this awesome community, interact more closely with me, and many more!

I plan on working diligently on my craft and make uplifting, soul-enlightening, inspiring, beautiful, heart-opening and entertaining content for you guys. So please join this NEW WAVE, and show me some love by pledging if your heart so desire :)

❃ Peace, Love and Light ❃
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