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Enjoy this intro video:

I'm Johnny Destructo, but you can call me JD or Jaydles, I'll respond to pretty much anything, really. I decided to finally start a Patreon page for myself because there is a LOT of stuff that I've been doing solely for the love of it, designs, shirts, and literally hundreds of hours of podcasts and some folks have been letting me know that they would like to help me out financially for providing them with eyeball and earhole entertainment.

I've been drawing since I was about 5 years old, but have only been competent at it for the last 2 minutes or so.

I've also been podcasting for almost 10 years, I currently have 3 shows that I do with a myriad of talented co-hosts. There's the weekly comic book review show: Spoiler Alert, there's the weekly pop culture discussion show: Gutter Talk (the blank space between panels in a comic book is called the gutters) and The Cannibal HorrorCast: a horror movie review show. I'm hoping to start another show just for Patrons once I hit a certain mark, so fingers crossed!

But this is where I need your help, I don't know what sort of Patreon Rewards system you'd like to support. Do you want art? Do you want Podcasts? A weekly 12 second video where I play Thumb-Wars with a stranger? What do you want? Feel free to email me at [email protected] with suggestions :)

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