is creating DIY Micro turbine motors and other interesting stuff

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I'm John and i have a passion for micro engineeiring and almost anything that is DIY. I love making handmade builds and i never lose the opportunity for a new project from which a gain new knowledge and skills which are also very useful for the next one.

Due to the fact that i'm using very simple tools and equipment in general, it gets harder and harder to carry out more complicate and interesting projects which need accuracy and presicion to make. This is where i ask for your help, to make my wildest ideas reality.

Your support is priceless and will actually fund the supplies and equipment (tools, machines, etc.) to help create the most insane things in micro scale that you have ever seen!
12% complete
A milling machine (Tormach PCNC 440), a 3d printer and all equipment and tools that go with them.
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