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About John and Diana Sanny

Thank you from the depths of our hearts for your generosity and prayers for us as we continue serving those in need around the world. It's an honor to have a team like you helping us GO!

John & Diana started this non-profit for their own mission service projects in 2003 for the following purposes:

Servanteer's International Exists:
A. To train young people and adults to use their talents, gifts and resources to meet the needs of individuals and communities in the developing regions of the world.

B. To mobilize teams of young people and adults to go to these regions on “service projects” to meet those needs.

C. To develop leadership skills for participants necessary to help them lead service projects offered through Servanteers International.

D. To share the love of God, revealed in Christ Jesus, through our projects of service, care, compassion, and stories.

How Are We Doing With This?
Here is a list of what we are and have been accomplishing with our Services & Projects (since 2003) in the mountains of Jamaica :

  • Ongoing: 14 years of well-planned Vacation Bible Schools for 80-100 Jamaica children. We have now seen generations of children grow up and join us on our construction projects. Our VBS’s provide creative crafts, physical activities, Bible lessons, and relationships for hundreds of kids. It’s become a tradition for village children to attend our VBS each summer.
  • Ongoing: We provide jobs - daily pay/income for Jamaican workers who serve with us each summer on construction projects, cooking, laundry etc.
  • Ongoing: Our teams provide dramas, sermons, testimonies and singing to area churches and the community.
  • Ongoing: We equip teams of college-age & adults in the South Pacific, India, and the USA in cross-cultural communication skills, leadership development, conflict management, and discipleship training and send them around the world on Christ-centered outreaches and service projects.

  • Two rain water catchment systems – providing purified running water for kitchens, toilets and showers at a local mountain church.
  • One gravity generated, spring-fed major water catchment system, piping purified water into hundreds of home throughout the mnt. Community of Catadupa, Jamaica for the first time.
  • 30’ by 90’ tiled roof on a child-care center – this roof remains strong after 14 years even after hurricanes.
  • A protective retaining wall for a public elementary mountain school to keep children from a dangerous road. The walls are now painted with creative school lessons on them.
  • A repair of an aqua-water duct system “wall” carrying water from a spring. It had been damaged 30 years prior from a flood. People can now wash their clothes at various parts of this spring-fed duct system.
  • A large hurricane relief/community building center in the heart of Catadupa Township.
  • A cement stairways down a steep hill leading to a public spring so that the elderly can easily carry their clothes without slipping.
  • Cement stairway at a public school providing a secondary exit.
  • A house for a local Jamaica woman and her extended family. She had raised children in a shack for 20 years.
  • Cushions for pews in a local church.
  • A Kitchen room addition and a nursery room for a church in Cambridge, Jamaica.
  • Poured a cement walkway and play area for a public school.
  • Built the foundation for a computer class building for a public middle school.
  • Many more smaller projects such as painting, hauling materials, road construction.

BIG NEWS! Once-a-month support requests have not worked. :) For years we have had only 3 monthly donors and 10 one time investors helping us fund our construction projects and training overseas. We've been subsidize our funding using Diana’s job and John’s part-time income to survive in missions. But it's been difficult paying bills plus paying for mission ventures.

BIGGER NEWS!  CONFIDENCE!  We know that our Heavenly Father wants us to continue on in missions and have us flourish! We believe His heart for us is to see our mission-funding RESUSCITATED!

Resuscitation Definition =to revive, especially from apparent death or from unconsciousness”

Yes, it's true....financially, we've been sort of unconscious! Unfortunately, this is at a time when we are seeing the most spiritual fruit with John & Diana’s teaching, training, equipping ministry in Jamaica, Tonga & India. Our ministry projects & invitations to train others are growing, along with the difficulty of inadequate funding to go. 

NEW STRATEGY!  No more once-a-month $ commitment requests - But we do have a better idea!

This may be DO-ABLE for YOU! - 
Just $125/twice a year from 100 friends. (Or $75/twice a year from 200 friends - OR - $50/twice a year from 300 friends). 

NOTE: Our Pastoral support team has exhorted us to raise our income to help us pay bills and better fund our missions call. They have confirmed this new strategy as do-able for those who appreciate what we do!

The key word here is "DO-ABLE!" Do you think this is DO-ABLE for you? To invest $125 once in April, and $125 once in September? Or one of the other amounts - $75 or $50 once every 6 months? Would you please be a part of a large team of friends to help us flourish? Our goal is to find 100 to 300 people who actually think this is do-able, people who love us and believe in our long-term commitment to missions.

Again, please understand. We are only seeking those of you who:
a. desire the Gospel to be spread through our ministry,
b. who love what we’re doing,
c. and who see it as something that is worth investing in.

That’s our question for you personally. 
Please ask yourself - 
"Can I see how our commitment of $50 or $75 or $125 (twice a year) would help the Sanny's flourish with their service projects & training events plus serve to change the course of their mission call and lives?" 
From our hearts to you... we know it would.

Finding 100 to 300 friends to invest this way would total $25,000+ annually and would make a HUGE difference for our mission endeavors. It would help pay bills at home; help with scholarships for kids to go on short-term mission trips; build an effective Servanteer's website; & cover airfare costs and in-country expenses. If you want to commit to more than this, that’s up to you, but we believe there are 100 - 300 friends out there who could enjoy investing in us with one of these amounts just once every 6 months.

Please invest in John & Diana's Sanny's "Servanteer's International" non-profit. Investors are our partners!

Click "Become a Patron" on the right side of this page to begin contributing bi-annually to John and Diana Sanny's missions around the world. The donation amount you choose will be automatically sent to Servanteer's International twice per year: once in April and once in September. When your bi-annual donation is automatically sent, you will receive a Servanteer's International newsletter along with a receipt of your contribution.

Should you choose to become a bi-annual $125 or more supporter ($250 per year), you will also receive a Servanteer's International t-shirt after you sign up! See the picture for an example of what your "Life Is Good In Catadupa" Jamaica Project Servanteer's t-shirt will look like. (See pictured shirt below from the summer 2017 Jamaica project).

For a more traditional method of support, simply write a check and use the mail!  Please make checks out to:
Servanteer's International
3506 Nancy Place
Shoreview, MN 55126

Donations are tax-deductible & help John & Diana Sanny share the love of God & change lives in Oceania, Asia, the Caribbean, and elsewhere.

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One hundred friends who would invest $125 twice a year for a total of $250 a year amounting to at least $25,000 annual for our mission's work in Jamaica, India, and the South Pacific.
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