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I met Daniel Johnson at one of the most formative stages of my life. I was caught in the quagmire of selecting a career, of deciding who I would be for the rest of my life. I sat down with Daniel during winter break my first year of college for a meeting that would define the coming years. For the first time for both of us, we talked honestly about our ambitions in the movie business and beyond. I was staggered by this young man’s commitment to excellence and even more importantly his ability to set goals and achieve them. Hanging around Daniel, you start to notice-- things get done, and usually before we finish one project the next opportunity has already begun to loom on the horizon.
Since that fateful winter meeting Daniel and I decided to actively pursue a future as filmmakers together. We had hopes that the powers of two would be several times more productive than the endeavours of one. That meeting was roughly one year ago, and since then we have written and produced our own short, developed a handful of meaningful screenplays, arranged music videos for a myriad of young musicians, and collected the material needed to function as an independent production studio. We have accomplished more in one year together than I ever could have hoped to fulfill on my own. The power of partnership has made the load of this endeavour more emotionally and financially feasible, and above all, puts the impossible within reach.
- Yoshi Wainwright

All art requires financial backing to be produced, and depending on the medium, these numbers vary greatly. Filmmaking is a form of storytelling that utilizes many different artistic mediums to tell a story so succinctly that the audience may be guided towards symbolic understandings that reach far beyond the dialogue or face-value meaning of story events. Filmmaking is a mosaic of art; from the writing, acting, costuming and set design, to the cinematography, sound design and the film’s score. When understood this way, the vast workload that is any well-told story comes to light.
Yoshi and I have founded our partnership on the conviction that we will let nothing stand in our way. Consequently, we have learned over again the importance of utilizing every penny we have in the most efficient way possible. The Microwave, our first production together, was in many ways lacking the qualities that reflect our full artistic and productive capabilities. That being said, it was a short that we wrote in under a month, prepped production in just two weeks, shot in less than one week and spent only $600 to create, on rentals, food and production design. From a filmmaking perspective, this is an astoundingly low budget and allotment of resources for a 25 minute short film. It is proof of Yoshi’s and my astounding ability to make the absolute most of what we have access to.
As time goes on and our unquenchable thirst for self-improvement follows, Yoshi and I work relentlessly day after day to elevate ourselves to the next level of filmmaking. Be it studying the art of story, writing 20 drafts of a script to ensure its greatness or planning any of the innumerable aspects of production, we stay very busy. As full-time college students with part-time jobs, we somehow find the time to continue our second full-time job -- investing in our career -- every day.
We have started this Patreon account not to ask for handouts, but to provide a space to direct people through as we work on our next short film and the projects that follow. We have not created this space with the belief that we are owed anything, nor do we expect our careers to be built on the backs of others’ contributions. Even if we don’t earn a single dollar in donations, we will be releasing our next film next fall. That is not up for debate.
If you do find this website and lend us your attention long enough, you may feel moved by our story and feel that you’d like to make a donation to our efforts. If this is the case, I would like to say personally how grateful we are for these acts of kindness. Even a single dollar donation puts us that much closer to bringing our vision to fruition. Furthermore, I would like to note that donated funds will never be personally pocketed by Yoshi or myself. At this current point in time, we are not asking for help supporting our livelihoods. Any and all funds received through Patreon will go towards our productions. By enabling our productions to come to life, you are not only making possible the production of story, but are supporting other artists who contribute to our vision. Storytelling is for humanity, and entertainment (at its best) is for a more connected world.
I want to thank you for your attention as you’ve read the ramblings of two passionate artists. One day in the future you might be sitting in the movie theater and chances are, our names will come across the screen. I pray that those names will come to symbolize everything good left in our world, and that we may all feel that maybe, everything will be okay.
- Daniel Johnson

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