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A Sense of Place Magazine has gone from strength to strength since it began publishing in August of 2018. 
But we could do so much more if we were in a position to be able to pay our contributors, both photographers and writers. 
Founder of the magazine John Stapleton is one of Australia's most experienced general news reporters and as such brings a unique set of skills to this project.
He spent more than 20 years on staff at two of the country's leading newspapers, The Australian and The Sydney Morning Herald.
While this Medium magazine has been building followers slowly, the scope and range stories are limited by the fact we cannot at this point pay for the work we publish.
You can help to bring great stories and great photography to a broader audience -- and become a part of the entire A Sense of Place project.
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Set up office and employ staff members. 
I would particularly like to hire a young technically proficient multilingual graduate who is good with both social marketing, customer liaison and office administration.
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