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At this level, you get access to the public Monthly Monsters, the past Monthly Monsters, occasional secret bonus thingums, and you are supporting the development of The Company of Monsters rpg. You'll get a pdf when any book is finished.
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At this level, you get access to the public Monthly Monsters, the past Monthly Monsters, all the Bonus Monsters, occasional bonus thingums, less-occasional secret bonus thingums, and a special pdf when a book is finished.




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About Johnstone Metzger

I'm Johnstone Metzger of Red Box Vancouver, author of the Metamorphica, Adventures on Dungeon Planet, and The Nightmares Underneath. Here on Patreon, I'm teaming up with my friend Nathan Jones to make monster manuals, a few monsters at a time.

Each month, we release a Monthly Monster with stats for both Dungeon World and Labyrinth Lord. It's a few digest-sized pages of text, maybe some random tables, and either one full-page illustration or several smaller pictures of monsters. These are posted publicly, for everyone to enjoy.

We're also making our own game: The Company of Monsters. It's a Powered by the Apocalypse rpg where you play the monsters instead of the murderhobo adventurers. This game takes our monsters out of the exclusive realm of the GM, so that players can enjoy them too. Until the game is done, we'll be releasing public playtest drafts along with bonus content for backers only.

We've already completed 6 books using our monsters. Dungeon Full of Monsters is a modular megadungeon for Labyrinth Lord. Terrors of the Ancient World, Wizard-Spawned Insanities, A Market in the Woods, Great Monsters of Crime, and The End of Known Space are all monster manuals for use with Dungeon World. The Company of Monsters represents something even more ambitious, however, and we're trying to step up our game.

For no pledge at all, you get access to each Monthly Monster from July 2014 onwards, numerous maps of monster lairs, and all the public playtests of The Company of Monsters. Because they are free!

For a $1 pledge, you get access to a small collection of backers-only material, like extra maps and old Monthly Monsters from the first year or so. And if you're pledged at this level when we finish a book, I'll send you a special Patreon-only pdf version of it.

For a $4 pledge, you also get access to the sooper-sekrit Bonus Monsters, even more maps, and additional material for The Company of Monsters. It all ends up in the books eventually, but you'll get to see it (and use it in your own games) sooner.
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