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Family is complete!  (so the video above is a bit outdated).  This campaign is ongoing and soon we will begin working on our 5th studio album.

To download the new JOLLY album "Family (Deluxe Edition)":
- Become a Patron
Check out this post, or find it in "posts" (only visible to patrons)
- Download and Enjoy!

The Short Version (TLDR):

Working full time for you is all JOLLY has ever wanted.  Finally, the dream is possible!  Become a patron of JOLLY and instantly receive JOLLY's latest album Family (plus a bonus disc), all without being charged anything at all.  
Soon we will begin working on our next album and releasing songs periodically to patrons.  Your donation will automatically come to us as soon as you receive the new song.  You'll get each song as we complete it. This is the best way to ensure that we dedicate ourselves full time to creating the music you love.  JOLLY loves you.

The Long Version:
JOLLY is a progressive rock band from New York City that takes DIY very seriously.  We write and produce our own music in our home studio as well as create our own live action and animated videos; all with no budget whatsoever.  Aside from the fun stuff we also fund our own tours, ship our own merchandise, manage/design our own webpages, design the album art/merch, moderate our own band therapy sessions, and handle every other subtlety that comes with running a band.  Since every aspect of JOLLY is done in house and we have the greatest fans in the world, we find ourselves in a unique position.  We are on the verge of achieving our most important goal: working full time directly for only you, our fans!

We have recently ended our relationship with our record label Inside Out Music in order to make this kind of relationship possible.  They have been great to us, but we just can't seem to make it work financially with the current current business model.

The biggest puzzle for any band to figure out is how to start making a living from music before the reality monster eats you alive (bills, families, age).  To make things even more confusing, bands need to find a way to make a living while building their fan base in hopes to get to that goal of financial freedom, but all the while having to keep a flexible schedule for touring.  With half the band already married, and babies on the horizon, it's a race against the clock.  We are in the home stretch!  We MUST find a way to prevent JOLLY from becoming a "hobby" and slowly falling lower and lower on the priority list.  By making JOLLY officially a full time job, we all insure that it stays right at the top, no matter what.

Luckily, by cutting out the middle man and creating content monthly for our fans, we finally have the chance to solve this rubix cube. At the same time, we'll be giving you more content, and making our bond with you even stronger than it already is.  Releasing songs roughly on a monthly basis allows us the chance to shine the spotlight on each new JOLLY song, and give you insight into its meaning, creation, and the JOLLY process.  This is a much more intimate way to experience JOLLY's music.  But don't worry, this does not mean the end of album releases for JOLLY.  At the end of each cycle, we will be releasing the full album in CD and possibly even vinyl formats (if you guys want it).  So if you're the type that prefers listening to full albums (and you have the discipline) then resist the temptation to listen until the album is complete and you have the entire track list!

The goal we've set out to achieve from day one is finally here.  All we need is your help.
We are here to create for you, and that's all we ever wanted to do.  We are FAMILY.
JOLLY loves you.
$2,039 of $6,066 per Song
JOLLY finally earns minimum wage!! (McDonald's Employee wage: $8.75/hour)

To thank you all, we'll release The Incredible JOLLY Presents The Minimum Wage EP: just for our patrons, never to be released anywhere else.

Only in the music business is earning a minimum wage income an astonishing achievement.  The real reward for us is to bring you joy by creating content for you.  The money is just a means to allow us to keep it as our top priority.  That's why the four of us will work for minimum wage with big ol' smiles on our faces :), as long as you are the ones we are working for.

Finally the chance to work full time for our fans is here!  If we meet this goal, we are officially full time content creators whose only job is to give you more JOLLY.  This is the moment where we justify to ourselves all the work we've put into this. 
Once we reach this goal, we can survive indefinitely, and we could continue to grow together!
Let's make music history.  Just us and you, the way it should be.  We only need you guys, the fans.   We don't need anyone else.
JOLLY loves you.
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