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Hi friends, I'm Jonas Lewis-Anthony and I'm a 22 year old musiciain from the UK, living in Canada. I moved to Canada when I was 19 with the intention to make it in the big time as a musician, sadly, that didnt happen and I found myself not playing as much music as I'd like and working jobs I hated. At the beginning of the summer of 2016 I quit my job (lol I got fired) and began focusing on my music and nothing else. It was a really hard transition to make as I was broke and so I started to struggle making enough money to survive. However, things started looking up and I began to play more and more, with my band The Wilderness as well as on my own.

However, one thing I've found over the last few months is that I've spent so much time and energy, (from the minute I wake up to when I go to bed) trying to boost my income as a musician that I havent got the chance to create or write new music. That really sucks. Then I discovered Patreon. Patreon enables me to make a living as a musician and in return put out high quality content for you all to enjoy. Every month, you can pledge a certian amount, whether that be $1 or $10 and in return every month you'll be the first to receive new content from me. Whether thats a brand new song no one else has heard or a video blog or a cover song or a music video or a blog! You'll be the first to recieve the content. This is an amazing platform for musicians and artists alike, it's a tough gig to do what you love full time, but you, the patrons and Patreon make it possible. 


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If I hit $1000 a month I will be able to pay all my expenses enabling me to concentrate on writing and creating new content aside from that, I will be able to save and buy new equipment thus giving me the ability to make even better videos!
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