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About Jon Enge

My name is Jon Enge. When I was 5 my cousin ran me through my first D&D adventure and I was hooked for life! Though I have enjoyed playing, game mastering is where the juice is for me. I've been running in multiple systems since the '80s and thought it would be fun to create a community where we can pass our knowledge back and forth!

I hope you enjoy my videos and chose to kick a little bit down so I can continue to make them!

If we get enough, I plan on making a prep video, streaming a game and doing a follow up Q&A every week or 2 weeks (depending on what kind of time and money we're making.)

Once we get a community growing, I want to start releasing some fun rules I've been working on for ages, for instance, my combination RPG/Miniatures WARFARE rules. They will be usable for any system! Also, I want to hire an editor to help me with my Aldgate campaign setting so I can release it in book & PDF form!

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