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Hey! I’m Jon Gold - an independent artist, musician & technology researcher living in Northern California.

Who I am

 I fundamentally believe that technology can be used to radically empower the way we communicate and create. My work explores new models of interaction with computation, often through the lens of the design process.
Here are some highlights over the years:

What I’m working on now

As of Spring 2019, I’m tugging on threads in the following buckets:
🧠 Mind: technology that works in service to human values. technology that augments the creative process & enables flow states, without ruining what it means to be creative.
💪 Body: empowering holistic health
👁 Spirit: AI that takes cues from the mystical experience & AI that nudges us towards spiritual liberation
🌎 Planet: technology in service of Mother Earth
Additionally, I’m passionate about talking about burnout, curiosity-vs-fear, and creative unblocking. I want your story to be told and your spirit to soar.

Why Patreon?

I recently left my job at a Big Tech Company to recenter my life. Looking back through my career, one theme stood out more than anything: my best work comes from independent, undirected research. Additionally, I love owning my research and sharing it freely and widely. NDAs, IP grants and corporate PR don’t work for me.
My shared ideas & writings have driven product direction at for-profit companies & even inspired entire startups to form. I adore seeing this happen, and my primary motivation is to keep inventing cool things and sharing them with the community without worrying about Business Stuff 📈.
I’d just love it if I could keep sharing my best work and pay rent at the same time.

What to expect

This is an experiment into how I can live life in an authentic & integrated way - I’m excited to play with different media formats to share myself with you.
My longer essays take forever to write - but with time to dedicate to them I’m hoping to share deep insights every month or two.
Along the way, I’ll be sharing regular Patron-only posts, videos, and behind-the-scenes snippets.

In light & gratitude,
Boulder Creek, California
March 2019
$84 of $800 per month
Rent in a reasonably priced city

I would love to be independent for the long-haul - getting to $1k/month would allow me to hunker down and create.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
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