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is creating awesome sauce content to let the world know about STEEM!

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The last thing you want to read is another 'About Me' page...

But I'll keep this brief and get right to the point...

I have a deep passion!

I've been working in some form or another for 20 years now online and when I discovered 'IT', I knew...It was going to change my life!

That 'IT' is....The STEEM Blockchain!

Oh wow...Not another crypto nutcase! Hey, if that's what you think when you hear blockchain I completely understand. There's a lot of fear, uncertainty and doubt when it comes to this space...And rightfully so.

When I first got started with STEEM, I was hooked because it was much more than just...Another crypto!  It was....Well, in my opinion, going to change....Everything!

STEEM is...

- Community
- Social Media
- Tech
- Blogging
- Online Gaming
- Live & Recorded Video
- Photography
- Travel
- Social Change
- Did I mention....Everything?

You see STEEM is different...It's the best of the blockchain filled with a vibrant community of amazing people...

And when I joined it in December of 2017, I fell in love!

Since then I've gone on to create content on STEEM every day in the form of podcasts, videos, blogs, a custom made training platform ( and best of all....I've created and built amazing relationships with my fellow Steemians...

And I want to talk about STEEM wherever I go...

I want STEEM to be the ONLY platform I focus on because I have never believed in a project more before in my life. I've invested all my time, money and passion into this community because I see....What STEEM will become!

This is the future of everything!

Through Patreon sponsorship, I will be able to focus my attention on promoting STEEM to the world through my social media platforms, online businesses and help bring everyone I can to the blockchain!

My mission, is to let the WORLD know...STEEM is the blockchain of opportunity!

Come and see what I do...Everyday on STEEM

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