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Observe. Whatever we gaze upon, the things we hang on our walls, or frame to sit on furniture, affects us on deeper levels. Whatever we look at has the power to bring something to us, to affect us emotionally, mentally, as well as physically, since emotions and the mind affect the body.

The patterns in nature assist us in reconnecting to our inner selves at the level of the soul. With this in mind, I encourage you to give yourself a healthy dose of nature regularly, and when being out in nature is not possible then do the next best thing: surround yourself with photos, books, and artwork that shows beautiful images of nature and higher levels of beauty.

As a photographer and painter I strive to capture images that show the range of beauty expressed in life, and in nature, and to share this beauty with others. Too often we rush through our days, missing the many opportunities for self-nurturing that nature presents us.

To help make up for this, sometimes all we need is a photo, or a painting, to serve as a catalyst to connect us to the experience of “being there” where energies are more harmonious and calming. This is where I can help.

My mission is to create and offer images, in photography and paintings, that soothe the soul, calm the mind, help us escape from the jagged energies that bombard us, and take us to a place where we can be more positive, calmer, and at peace.

Mind is the builder, thoughts are things. What we look at, what we see, triggers the mind and emotions and builds up thoughts, fleeting or otherwise, that impact us. Colors, lines, shapes, subject matter, tone... it all matters in creating a response. Unlike those who strive to shock the viewer and negatively engage the senses, I seek to create artwork and photography that generates a positive response through imagery.

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