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About JonsNerdRage!

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Hi! This is Jon Mills of JonsNerdRage! For a little more then a year I have created Video content. First starting on Youtube, then moving to Twitch for Live stream events, where I finally began to create an audience. My idea from day one has not changed, to create unique and original content, that is engaging and fun. I do art and Gaming. On the art side I do a weekly event called The Drunken Nerd Painter. Game wise, I typically do Speedruns and LetsPlays but unlike anything I think you've seen before. As with all of my event shows, I try to create an atmosphere that is almost Pay Per View like, just as if you were watching a UFC or wrestling event. Complete with Flashing lights, intros, epic music, Commercials, etc.

          I love what I am doing and I have had a lot of fantastic people donate to me to Upgrade my equipment and greatly improve the Quality of my shows. My ultimate goal would be to do this Full time but I understand that something like that may never happen or If it does, there's still a lot more work to get to that point. So my goal right now is just simply to have more time.

What I'm Trying to Achieve                                                                                                                                                                                                        
          Never before in my life had I ever experienced the feeling of not having enough time to do something. In fact, I use to tell people who said that, that it wasn't a matter of you not having enough time, It was just that you weren't making the time. Well, I have realized that I may have been wrong about that. Since starting my Youtube channel and now my Twitch, I have used almost every second of my free time to either create for it, research, promote, etc. From the moment I get home from work, until the Moment I go to sleep, I work. The problem is I run out of time to work.

          So my realistic goal is simple, to be able to make enough money through my Twitch to Go Part time at my Job.

          In one month I made more money through Donations Streaming then Working at my Job. As awesome as that Is it's Not a stable source of income, and I'm smart enough not to count on that. With Patreon Subscriptions, it's more stable.

          No one will ever have to pay to watch my content, just you being there is awesome enough. I consider my Patreon my Subscription service at which you can Subscribe at different levels. All of the levels at which you can Subscribe have perks which either gets Original content in your hands, or, Let's you be a Part of the Show!

          So take a look and I hope to have your support.

Thank you
Jon Mills (The Drunken Nerd Painter)

About Receiving Perks! and Details!

  • All Item's and perks will be Mailed/Emailed out on on the First of every Month
  • I will not be able to mail anything outside of the United States, if you live outside of the United States, take a look at the $5 Level. If you live outside of the US and have any questions or Suggestions, please, get in touch with me!
  • Painting's will be done on Canvas Boards
  • All paintings are Originals, done just for you! No prints or anything like that. The Letters are handwritten to you and the drawings Will be completely random!
  • There are no details on the $125, $250 and $500 perks. If you are interested in these, contact me and we can work it out, or, If you choose one of these perks, I will contact you and see what we can do!
$0 of $700 per month
At $700 Dollars per month I will Drop to Part time at my regular Job and be able to devote Much more time to my Content, significantly increasing it's Quality as well as adding more Patreon Subscription levels and perks!
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