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Hi there. I'm Jordan, also go by 'DJay.'

I've made a lot of stuff over the years, and I seem to like making stuff that's difficult to classify. Or ambitious. Or both.
I've now made another YouTube channel, which is where I'll be putting bigger experiments with the format. I hope to be able to make exhaustive media digest-type analyses for it, too.
The stuff I work with may be eclectic, but it's not random-- everything has an intense intention behind it, no matter what form they may take. Because of this, I want to call them all intents. You can have video intents, musical intents, visual intents, textual intents, you name it, they are all rooted in their intention and are all ultimately shareable and classifiable.
I wanna make a lot more stuff, too. Informative stuff that helps us understand what we're doing even a little bit, or baffling stuff that helps us learn what to question in order to find out. And above all, I want this stuff to be easy to access should you want it, so I don't like to put anything behind a paywall. But. If I want to continue making stuff, certainly if I want to make bigger things that captivate more people, I'll need some compromise.

Patreon helps with that. If you follow this Intents page thing, whether you pay money or not you'll get my posts in a nice feed, and if you do want to donate some money you can pay what you want in a monthly-ish tiered setup, complete with rewards. Opt out at any time! There's this whole system to it, I'm still learning the ins and outs.
Actually, it looks to be exactly what I need: My own space, a professional hub for my work. And you're more than welcome to join me! It's kinda scary doing all this by myself, and I intend to return the favour to my patrons however I can (I've started by setting up a Discord server that you can join by paying a dollar, we can chat there).

Thanks for reading.
With my best foot forward,
$0 of $100 per creation
As good a goal as any, right? If we get here, then I'll know Patreon was the perfect choice, and I'll probably be able to produce content of more consistent quality. Like Sonic Hamlet. That will be a reality, darn it.
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