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About Jordan Hass

Hello Sharks...
My name is Jordan Hass and I am seeing Patreon money to continue doing Podcasts.

So, I have two podcasts - "Fun Time Calls" and "Game Shows, I Suppose"

"Fun Time Calls" is on Anchor.FM, it's free, so I am not worried about that, if that company fizzles out like most tech companies, then it was a fun road, and I'll just redo it on a different podcast network. On that podcast, I hang out with my friends and we sort of get into conversations, but I don't know if they are really anything other than shouting matches. 

My other podcast, is very niche, it is called "Game Shows, I Suppose" where each week, I talk about a game show from the history of broadcasting (radio, television, internet, modern, classic, foreign,domestic) and go on until I am very exhausted. In "bonus episodes" I bring along a guest to talk about a show with me. It was actually really tough coming up with the concept, because as it turns out, I don't really have that many people wanting to talk game shows with me.

So now, I am about a month into the year, and decided to do two things - a VIDEO SERIES and a SPECIALTY PODCAST

Munch is a quick YouTube video service where I find snacks and drinks and review them on camera for a good 5-10 minutes, sometimes fast food if it's NOT COLD, and no, I am not doing it in a car like a chump (because I eat in the restaurant like a real boy) I try and do this weekly, because I feel you all deserve SOMETHING for the money, if I can't make the podcast that's NEXT

Anything But Game Shows is exploring popular culture and the way it presents game shows, from the PC Game "You Don't Know Jack", to Cartoons and Sitcoms having "The Game Show Episode", each episode explores a different faucet of popular culture (and hopefully with guest) we can dissect it for you, the paying audience. (And yes, this includes MXC - Most Extreme Elimination Challenge)

I thank you all for taking the time to look into this patreon, and along the way, I will keep you all updated on things going on with Fun Time Calls and Game Shows I Suppose, and spoiling what's to come!

Hey check out two really cool podcasts as well - Video Games Are The Worst Thing On Earth and Struggle Session.
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"Anything But Game Shows"

Game Shows I Suppose is where the game shows are talked about. But what about the video games and television shows that AREN'T game shows? If this is reaches $100. I'll spend at least ONE HOUR talking about anything other than a game show. Smash Brothers? Politics? Whatever. What a bargain!

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