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About Jordan Kane

Hi, I'm Jordan Kane

Since graduating from NCCU with a B.A. in Jazz Studies, I have tried to focus my career on my music; playing my saxophone and occasionally flute to express myself and entertain others. While in college, I did this by performing at local restaurants with a jazz group I put together, as well as some composing and arranging. After college, I began performing on cruise ships, entertaining people of many different cultures and backgrounds, all over the world. But as I did this, I realized that while I was making money as a musician, I was not going in the direction I wanted as an artist. I left the cruise ships, and decided to move to New York City, to renew my motivation and to learn even more, hopefully furthering my career along the way. While I did grow in New York, financial and personal reasons led me to return to my home in North Carolina, and focus on pursuing a career in music here.

Due to my frequent and far spread traveling throughout the last several years however, I realized that I will have to start anew; building relationships, a reputation, and a repertoire with all new people and venues. And in the mean time, I still have bills to pay. As an artist, I'd love to be able to "quit my day job", in order to fully focus on musical expression, entertainment, and interpretation, but in order to do that, I need your help. But I don't intend to ask for a handout either. It is my hope that through your patronage, I will have the time and resources available to produce art, insight, ideas, and entertainment through my musical talents.

While I am new to this format, I would love to provide quality content, so any ideas or requests you may have would be appreciated. Currently I plan on releasing recordings discussing various musical and artistic concepts, recordings of me playing at jam sessions or practicing, or ideally even paid performances at local venues. Some other ideas I have may be even having private discussions or lessons with patrons, or Q&A sessions. Again, I would love to hear your ideas, and intend on doing my best to accommodate you, in order to make sure you feel like your patronage is appreciated.

Thank you very much for your patronage. Together, let's make a masterpiece!
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