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Access to every story I write for your Kindle or choice eReader, before I release in stores. For my current project, The Captain's Inferno, I plan to publish a new episode every 3-4 months.




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About Jordan T Higa

I’m so glad you found my page :) I’m a science fiction author and I can’t wait to share my work with you.

...I hope you're prepared though because I love to explore the darker side of the human nature and use my stories as a method to really dig down deep into what it means to be alive.

My current project, The Captain’s Inferno is a series of shorter books, think TV episodes, and if you join my Patreon Account you can get exclusive access to all of them as I write them, before I release them anywhere else.

Still not sure?

I’m offering the first episode, The Captain, for free right now so check it out and see what you think before committing. (click the cover to  download)

Call it hubris, but I believe anyone who finishes the first episode is going to want the rest, so I can afford to be generous. ;) I plan to release a new episode about every four months.

That being said though, being a writer isn’t free, nor is trying to create a career cheap. I plan to use all the funds I gain from Patreon to invest in my writing and really push the envelope as far as I can take it. So that means professional editors, cover designers, websites, marketing, and more…

What does all that mean for you though?

…It means that every friend you share my stories with is only going to make future episodes better and give me more time to focus on writing, which will help me release faster.

I hope you enjoy The Captain’s Inferno :)

Jordan T. Higa
Science Fiction Author

P.S. Want to let me know what you think? Feel free to send me your thoughts at [email protected] I love to hear from my readers and reply personally to every email.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
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