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About Jordos

heyo! I’m Jordos. 🤪

I’m currently creating graphic designs for the community so I created a Patreon! You’ve probably got some questions and I’ve got the answers: 

Can I see your works?
Of course you can! Here they are:

1. One of my best works. A 3D name. 

2. Banner for a website.

3. Shoulders up custom character.

4. Youtube Thumbnail 

5. Twitch mini banners

6. A Funky Banner for myself! 

Why Graphic Designing?
I love making designs and love dealing with customers. It makes me happy when people want to buy one of my designs! 

Why a Patreon?
I just love Patreon! I’ve used it before and I love the feel and design about it, the tiers and goals. I also love how I can offer things for money!

Why should I BUY a design?
You don’t have to buy a design off me but my costs are relatively cheap. I create professional graphics for anyone. I make thumbnails, banners, logos, packs etc! 

Thank you so so much for reading through that! When scrolling down you’ll see tiers and how much they cost. The name of the tier is what you will receive and the description should explain it in further depth. Thanks again!! 🥳💙

$0 of $50 per month
$50, Joy!

I love creating designs and $50 would help me update my services to create the designs. ?
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