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Same respect you would give your local pan handler. You give them a dollar to go away, you give me a dollar... to stay in your life! But seriously Thank you for your support! 
Level 2 One Night Stand
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By committing to this monthly endowment, you will have officially entered into a one night stand with me. In doing so, I will send you a personalized Thank you through the Patreon Messenger, and then promptly make myself too busy for you. You can try to contact me once a month, and I might contact you back, no expectations. Just like every other $5 dollar relationship, you already know what you're getting into.
Level 3 Friends with Benefits
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Need I say more? By committing to this you will have access to me. We can chat on social media when available and get any kind of info about the topics I bring up or anything else you want to talk about related to the topics I talk about on the show. In other words a semi direct line to the Bat Cave. Plus a Thank you, and if desired I will mention your patronage on the show.
Level 4 "It's Complicated" Relationship
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By entering into this Tier, you will officially not know where you stand with me. When things get complicated you won't know if its ok to even tell your friends that you are in a relationship with me because of what they might think. Regardless we will be in a relationship, a rocky one, but one nonetheless. In this Tier you will have a bit more access to my direct bat line. But as you already know, it's complicated. If feelings get hurt, you already know who's fault it is, mine.  
Level 4 Serious Relationship
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By getting into a serious relationship with me, you will a more direct line of communication with me. Think of it as mini consulting. By committing yourself to this Tier you will have a direct line of communication with me in which I can help you with anything business related or related to anything that I talk about on the show. It will be limited to about 1 hour per week each month. give or take. So up to 4 times a month give or take.
Level 5 We're Engaged!
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So this is basically you "putting a ring on it". By taking this huge step into our relationship you have made it fairly obvious you love everything I am doing! You will have "almost" unlimited access to me. I will mention you on the show if desired and pretty much one on one consulting of any kind with me! 
Level 6 Just Married!
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Ok so not only did you put a ring on it, but you decided to start a family. By taking this GIANT step into our relationship you have made it Abundantly Clear That you believe in me and my vision. You really want to see this whole thing I'm doing succeed, and will be a major cog in this whole venture of spreading knowledge and wisdom to the masses! You will have unlimited access to me. I will mention you on the show if desired and pretty much one on one consulting of any kind with me! Plus anything else you can think of within reason. This is the ultimate! or is it...?
Level 7 Divorced Alimony Child support
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Ok so this Tier covers everything in Tier 6. Meaning you have access to everything. Or nothing at all! Just like real Alimony you're paying double and reaping none of the benefits, or more benefits. It's all in how you look at it! 

Or if you prefer to just remain anonymous then this is for you.

Level 8 Sugar Daddy / Momma
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This is for those who just wanna really help be a part of something great. This is beyond the Ultimate and you will be making an impact on the lives of millions by deciding to bring it to this level. If you are on this level you already know where the funds are going and what we are building. I would be totally humbled and would definitely be bring you up on the show or even have you on the show, assuming you would want that. Regardless your patronage would be constantly mentioned because bringing it to this level ensures that I would never have to turn my cameras off ever again. 

By committing to this you will have access to everything already mentioned in previous Tier's, and other things you never even thought could be possible.

Or if you prefer to just remain anonymous we can do that too.




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