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Think about it, it is as an equivalent of taking me out for a coffee and talking while I am making a portrait of you. Also I will be posting your  portrait on my Instagram profile and putting your name to thank you.

For making and sending your piece to you
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Blimey!  at this level of support you can not only see your drawing on my Instagram profile but  you can received also the original signed by me in your house.

For sending you a small print of my art
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Wao !  we're getting serious now.
if you support me in this level you can get an 8in x 12in print of any of my original paintings signed by me, and obviously I will sending it to your home.
take this as if you take somebody to get a dinner.




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My name is Jose Cevallos I always felt attracted about art and Literature, since I was a child I did everything, I tried everything, I studied  in the school of law, communication sciences, Philosophy but I never felt comfortable with that; but finally found what I love, when I studied Philosophy in the university of my country I understood that life is to enjoy and live it intensely. How can I live intensely doing what I love if I am what others expect from me. Then after I understood it I decide to be what I expect from myself. And what is that? Of course the Art, the Poetry, the Literature, the Philosophy and everything  that has to do with the inner life of the human being.
I have in my portfolio a variety of paintings and drawings that I am selling on the streets of NYC, they are between contemporary, realism, abstract, symbolism, and more.
In the camp of literature I also have done an Essay, witch I am translating to the English language,  this is an essay about my ideas and experiences about the spiritual life called  "The Truth is Within" and I am currently writing my second book, this is going to be a novel that mixes the inner reality of the human with fiction.

Some friends told me about and they explain me also that I can find one more way for share my Art, my Books and receive some support of people who love Art too I think it is amazing and wonderful.
$0 of $5,000 per month
When I reach $5,000 per month. I will visit the house of 1 patron every month to give him or her a private art class, I will make a self portrait on canvas and giving it to you as a present. This Goal is only for patrons in USA. If you are outside the country, we will get an online video chat to giving you the lesson and I will sending you the painting via mailbox.
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