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is creating performance poetry, performances, videos, soundscapes
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About Josefina Baez Ay Ombe Theatre

Independent artist      Collective Bliss.

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 I am an artist that explores, experiment, witness and dialogue from the possibility of sovereignty (as a self taught -perennial learning, self published, self produced creator) and respect for the essence of all living (diversity) . In the midst of aging, gladly, I am claiming, re-defining, choosing and organizing the craft/life/living/creating/sharing and striving.
This Patreon campaign is a vital aspect of this move.
 A little bit about me:
Josefina Baez (Dominican Republic/USA) Storyteller, ArteSana, performer, writer, theatre director, educator, devotee. Founder and director of Ay Ombe Theatre (April 1986).    Alchemist of artistic/creative life process, Performance Autology© (creative process based on the autobiography and wellness of the doer). Books published: As Is É, Dominicanish, Comrade, Bliss ain´t playing, Dramaturgia I & II, Como la Una/Como Uma, Levente no. Yolayork- dominicanyork, De Levente. 4 textos para teatro performance, Canto de Plenitud, Latin In and Why is my name Marysol? (a children's book). Joy is a vital element present in my creative/living path.

Our craft:
Writing, performance poetry, performances, soundscapes, video art, installations,
Walks (local-regional-international); labyrinths routes & possibilities; dialogues, conversations, silences…


Currently, I am working on three projects (now in different -research/writing/editing- phases).
There is also a Foto Novela (photo novel) and a series of performance texts podcast series and you, our patrons, are in the front row.
On is: 'Solo, duets y Coro' (performances, dialogues and collaborations with artists, scholars and community at large.

Glad that you have found my page and are interested in co-creating. 



*Soon audios and videos exclusively for our patronesses and patrons.
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