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I think with that $1 I can get one sweet tea from McDonald. Thank you for supporting my sugar addiction!




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As an art student about to enter the real world in about a year, I have come to a serious financial crisis with all the student loans and need for art supplies. And that would be a primary reason for starting this.

However the bigger reason is that I believe in the shift of the art market, from the high-class to the average middle-class. So I'll be creating artworks and appeal to the public here, not necessarily for the money (in the long run) but for the relationship/sponsorship I can create with individual via internet. 

My artworks will be both traditional and digital. Traditionally, I focus on creating paintings that bridge the Eastern and the Western culture, somewhat in the way Takashi Murakami has done. In simple words, I will be doing a lot of anime-looking paintings that merit in symbolism and narrative. Digitally, I focus on bringing painting-like quality to the digital work. 

In the end, I want to see if it's possible to create a relationship like such in olden age, between an artist and an art collector. Let's work together for the sake of art haha.
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With this, I'll make a small printable artbook (~ pg 5) monthly~
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