José Karate

is creating a video series in simple comprehensible Spanish.
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About José Karate

My name is Aaron, and I teach Spanish. I am designing a video series in simple comprehensible Spanish for foreign language learners. I want to create videos that are fun, entertaining, and that draw learners into a story, where learning Spanish is the key to unlocking a mystery. My videos are designed to fall within the scope and sequence of a high school Spanish curriculum, but above all I want to tell a story.

The unlikely hero of this story is José Karate, a walking anachronism straight out of the 80s, living in the time capsule of his mom’s basement. José somehow manages to connect with the modern world using antiquated technology and while doing so he uncovers mysteries and conspiracies that affect not only his small town but that shape global events.

To tell this story, I built a set in my basement, hunted down artifacts form every garage sale and forgotten storeroom I could find. I taught myself the fundamental skills of visual storytelling and video editing and began recording music again. Now it’s time share this story with you. I hope you dig it and will consider being my patron on Patreon at whatever level you can so that I can continue to make my vision a reality. The more support I receive, the better the content I can create. Thank you!
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