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About Joseph Russell

Who am I?

Good question. Very existential. Oh, you mean me?

I'm Joseph Russell, also known as Treacleman and Mythicia77 - a full-time engineering student, part-time writer and part-time modder. I run a website and a Facebook page which I semi-regularly update with free short stories for you to cast your eyes over, and I'm also an active modder on the Skyrim Nexus, where I've just released my first fully voiced follower, Lucien. My other contributions include Unofficial Updates for the Creation Club DLC, Writing Patches to polish up the text content in other popular mods, and collaborations with Mihailmods that feature my writing, scripting and voice-acting in new quests and worldspaces.

What am I up to next? 

I'm currently working on updates for my fully voiced follower mod for Skyrim Special Edition, "Lucien", introducing a new Imperial scholar/musician with a quick wit and an endless fascination with the world around him. When you first meet him, he's a timid sort of chap, more likely to wet himself and run when faced with a dragon than charge, roaring, into battle. As you encourage and train him, however, he'll grow into a hero in his own right, with his own morals and beliefs.

He has over 2000 lines of dialogue, including full commentary for Skyrim's Main Quest, College of Winterhold and Companions questlines, as well as a number of side quests. He also has special comments on hundreds of locations, NPCs and enemies. Additionally, I've designed him to interact with 17 other mods, including followers like Inigo, Auri, Kaidan and Hoth and quest mods like Moonpath to Elsweyr and Moon and Star. 

In terms of writing, my next novel will be a grounded medieval fantasy called "The Story Breaker". I'm keeping the details of it under wraps for now, but you can expect more short stories on my website in the meantime. Hopefully, I'll have news to share soon!

What am I doing on Patreon?

I'd like to make it clear that my content on the Skyrim Nexus and my website (barring the books, which cost money to print and distribute) will always remain free. I do it because I love to create and want to share that with as many people as possible. As a rule, you should never, ever feel obliged to support me financially and it'd be against the spirit of modding and storytelling if you felt that way.

That said, a few people have been kind enough to express an interest in supporting my work, and like many students in the UK, I have debt looming over me, rent that needs paying, food that needs buying, etc. etc. I'm certain I'll survive and keep modding and writing whatever comes my way, but please know that if you do decide to contribute, you're really helping me out and I'll be eternally grateful.

What about one-time donations?

If you'd rather not commit to a monthly subscription, there's also the option of a one-time donation through Paypal. In any case, whether it's in the form of a one-off contribution, a recurring patronage, or even a purchase of my latest book, I can't thank you enough for your generosity.

Monies aside, the feedback and support I've had from the community so far has been humbling. If you don't fancy supporting me here (and again, I really don't expect you to!), it'd mean the world to me if you'd care to drop me an endorsement or a friendly comment on the Nexus, or a like on my Facebook page. Seriously, thank you guys.

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