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is creating faith-driven music & videos
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About Josh Edwards

I write songs and make videos to give people hope along their faith journey. It's my desire for this content to be encouraging & healing for those who want to go deeper with God, those who are completely new to faith, and those who have become disinterested in faith or hurt by church.

"I love it. How Does Patreon Work?"
The best way to support these messages is sign up for a tier on the right. →
Patreon will send me any pledged amount you choose per each a song/video that I release. My goal is four creations per month. So if you chose the $10 tier for example, you should expect to send $40 per month in support. You can set a cap on the exact total you want to spend each month so you have 100% control on what you spend. Supporting is of course totally optional and only do it if you like the material and want to see more of it out there! Or if you like some of the fun rewards or exclusive content that I give out for each tier. (also shown on the right!) →

"Exactly what songs are you producing?"
I' have 10 years worth of songs compiled and arranged and I'm now ready to record! My two immediate projects are the albums: "Close to You" and "Songs for the Weary". They are collections of songs that have come out of pivotal points in my faith journey. See all the song's themes at:

For each song, I'll also release a 'Reaching Video' highlighting a lesson/perspective from the song so that there is some context for the listeners. Here is the Reaching Video for the song "Close to You":

"Where does the $$ go?"

Support funds go straight to the production and distribution of the material. Your support enables me to increase in production quality, plan better, reach farther and collaborate with more talented people to do each message justice as I aim to serve more people with these messages of faith.

Patreon is cool because your $$ is only transferred when actual work has been done. This holds me accountable to consistency and also ensures that your dollars will always = impact

Thank you!
The ability to make a difference in this way means the world to me and my family.

- Common Questions -

How many creations will you release a month? My goal is to release four pieces of content per month. Patreon will send me the sum of your pledge once each month. So if you're on the 1 dollar tier, your monthly support will be $4 each month. You can always set a cap so you'll never go over your budget.

I can only afford one of the smaller tiers... does that still make a difference?
Yes! Even the $1 or $3 tiers add up and are so much appreciated!

Can I stop donating in the future at anytime? Yes, you can stop whenever you want. Just log in to change/cancel your pledge.

I've still got questions. Can you help? Definitely. If you have any questions about using Patreon or encounter any technical issues, the Patreon support team is very nice and helpful. Message them by clicking here. If you have any questions about my page, rewards, or my work, please contact me through my website.
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Launch Team
My first goal is to find a core group that will essentially be the founders of this effort. These first 25 patrons will become a significant a part my story and give me starting place here on Patreon. I'm so grateful for all the support and love at the beginning of this journey.
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