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How did you even find this? You really love my content! $1 shows me you love what I do and you'd like to see more. Include your address and I'll even send you a personalized thank you card from sunny Orlando, FL.




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I haven't advertised this page anywhere, and it's unlikely you've stumbled here by accident and started reading this, so thank you for thinking of me. 

I'd like to have the freedom to put out more content like helpful YouTube videos and I have a few ideas for a podcast. I have so many more ideas and so much I want to share with you. That requires a lot of time which takes away from trying to make money to survive, money that doesn't come easy for me these days. Crippling pain has kept me from being able to work a steady job and my anxiety makes it so difficult to sell anything or be social online. As the cherry on top, I've "slipped through the cracks" here in Florida when it came to healthcare and have no insurance and haven't been able to get medical care. I've felt like I've been in this limbo for years now. I'm trying to make ends meet and slowly letting myself out there more to show everyone that I do have talents that I should be proud of, and I'm full of interesting stories to tell.

If you think my content is worth paying for and you'd like to see more of what I do, let me know I'd really like to hear from you. The more contributions I receive, the more time I'm allowed to create the content you'd be willing to pay for. Your pledge means I have more time to focus on my mission, purpose, and passion: creating content to enhance lives and help everyone become the best version of themselves ;)
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When I reach $100 a month I will do a weekly podcast exclusively for my patrons. I want to answer your questions you have for me and invite you all to share what you know with a little airtime with each other. It's all about sharing knowledge!
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