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You've decided to help me, and I am honored. Truly. Enjoy my Patreon feed.  Join me on my odd journey through art, music, acro yoga, The Hitchiker's Guide To The Galaxy references, and the world at large. You will be glad you did.
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About Josh Terry

I am a musician and visual artist who puts videos on YouTube. I make art. I make music. I love to tell stories and create experiences. I make a lot of different kinds of art and this is a perfect place for you to help me out with the lot of it. It's a way to support me without limiting your options of what cool things you might receive in return.

I want to make giant art projects and play huge concerts that blow your mind. I want to make little sketches, and quiet songs that simply make life better and are good to have around. I want to make horrible mistakes that give me ideas that make me make horribler mistakes that turn into awesome things. I want to make all the things.

I'm going to make all the music, and all the art, somehow, someway, someday. But if you help me, it will be easier, faster, better, and way more fun.

I will be making:
Music  - big sounds, little sounds, with tubas, without tubas, with all sorts of other instruments, and all the feels.
Paintings - big ones, little ones, glow in the dark ones, color ones, black and white ones, all the feels.
Short Films
Not-As-Short Films
Dance Videos
Acrobatic Videos
Many many many more things, and
Collaborations of all those things

I have already made a lot of these things. You can see them on YouTube here

I want to travel the world. I want to collaborate with people around the world. I want to go on tour and see all of you. But I need your help to do it.

This is what I do, and if what I do makes your life better, then help me do it better.

I love you lots and hope you enjoy my crazy life.
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I will be able to eat more food.

No, honestly, eating food is a thing most people prefer to do at least three times a day. And that doesn't always happen, so, I'd like to change that.

Also, I will be able to occasionally hire awesome people to help me on some of my videos, and purchase another video camera pretty quickly, that needs to happen in order to make better videos when I play a show.
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