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About Joshua Braun

A couple of years ago, I started my own webpage to upload short stories for free. The idea be to create series of short stories with regular updates that follow the same characters. Sort of revival of old magazine and newspaper serials but for the internet. It's been growing steadily and I felt it was time to start my own patreon in the hopes of helping with some of the websites costs and if I manage to make anything on top of that well, super.

Right now the featured series are The Guardians of the Fae, and The Hidden War with a third called the Creatures of Heavens in the works.

The Guardians of the Fae follows the adventures of a pixie named Psyl as she joins a group of elite protectors of the Fae called Guardians, yeah, never been super good at titles. She struggles with the morality of what she needs to do vs. what she feels is right. It's a series filled with lush descriptions in fantastic settings.

The Hidden War takes place in a 1940s inspired world and follows the adventures of the Librarian, a mysterious women who runs an interdimensional library and fights against the hidden paranormal forces of the world. Vampires, werewolves, and elder gods are just a few of the opponents she regularly deals with. It's mostly told from the perspective of the people who encounter her as she runs around the world and across dimensions trying to save those she can.
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