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I'll be hosting a monthly AMA where we can chat about my travels, the stories I come across, and life's adventures.
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Vote on the community questions of the month suggested by other community members. I'll ask the top three questions in all my interviews for that month.

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Anything that's not offensive goes and the top three questions will be asked of everyone I interview for that month.

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Each month members of the community will suggest an activity, event or location for me to go explore in the region that I'm living.

You get to vote on what I end up doing. I'll take plenty of pictures and make a recording to send back home.

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Each month you'll suggest an activity, an event, or a place for me to visit from the local region where I am staying.

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It's an awesome way to get more information or see places and events you wouldn't normally be able to see.

I'll also host an exclusive talk on each monthly adventure. Sharing my experience and answering any questions the community has.

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We've explored the 7 continents, dived deep into the oceans, and have a general knowledge of how the world is shaped and how it functions.

What we haven't fully unlocked yet are the worlds within each of us. That's what I am exploring through hearing and collecting people's stories.

Explorers throughout time have had their patrons and I can certainly use a few.

If you sign on to help me explore this new frontier I'll shout your name from the mountain tops, posting it on any video credits and giving a shout out whenever I release an interview or video.

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Only sign on if you really love me, cause you're going to hear a lot from me.

Most world adventurers have heard of Whats APP. It's a way to send texts and make phone calls from anywhere with an internet signal.

I'll be creating an exclusive Whats App group chat where I'll share thoughts and experiences throughout my day.

Help me brainstorm new interviews and chat about what’s going on in our lives as we enjoy the presence of other enthusiasts around the world!

*You'll also receive a shout out for the videos and interviews I perform, have the ability to affect my travels by suggesting and voting on places and events to go, influence my interviews with suggested questions, and enjoy my monthly AMA!




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About Joshua Burkhart

Stories shape our lives, from the undercurrents of our minds to the narratives that create public discourse.

That's why I am exploring stories of change and transformation from people around the world, at all levels of society, creating a vlog so as to share these stories with others.

I'll be focusing on people's relationship to their own mental health and spirituality but I'll be keeping an open eye for any story of transformation as I really do believe stories have the power to heal and inspire.

Thank you for supporting this vision and working to make it a reality!
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I'll add open captioning for easier viewing. This will allow these inspirational stories to reach a wider audience and affect the lives of more people!
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