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HEY!  You're here!!  I am so appreciative that you've taken the time to consider this.  I'll be working hard to make it worth while.

WHY Patreon & WHAT is it?  Patreon is crowdfunding, but it's different in that it's reoccurring, more personal, & about way more than a single project.  It's about every project... & even more.  It's a bit like a magazine or Netflix subscription or monthly cup of coffee or drinks with a friend.  You get something interesting or a genuine warm fuzzy for a relatively small amount of $.  It's set up specifically to leverage many small pledges into working capital & with it you become an active & engaged patron of the artist.

For comparison, I've used Kickstarter successfully but that platform is really more for releasing projects rather than supporting the effort to develop them.  It's not the place to share new concepts, upcoming exhibition news, or chat with my audience.  Facebook used to be useful for some of that but it's gotten noisy & an overall not-so-healthy place to share my work & connect with my audience in a positive & meaningful way.  Then there's newsletters... they stink at conversation & half of them end up in spam folders.

So here I am... hoping this proves to be a useful tool to an artist trying to connect with a supportive audience & find a way to keep priority on the art while filling in the gaps around what it takes to keep my kind of work afloat.

HOW can you help?  Support my work in a big way with just a little $.  To pledge support- just choose a reward tier, click through & enter your payment info. Your subscription will help enable me to explore new themes & mediums while working towards a steady income to help cover the cost of design & developing these projects. The better this works, the more ambitious projects I'll be able to pursue & the bigger part of the story you'll play.

HOW often?  
This works like a subscription. You get charged per creation, which will typically happen once a month. Regardless of how much work I crank out, you always have complete control over how many times you’re charged each month.  You can change, pause, or cancel at any time.

WHAT are the rewards?  For your support, I'll be offering various rewards & perks only available here to say thanks & stay engaged directly with you.   Much of this happens via the Activity feed which is similar to Facebook or Twitter, so it’s very familiar & easy. I'll be introducing new pieces, offering promo discounts, behind the scenes & work in progress access, earlybird notifications on exhibitions & projects, group & personal chats. We'll talk about all things art, 3d printing, tech, design, crowdfunding, & the business details behind all of it... probably some other stuff too.   Not only will I be posting, but you’ll be able to leave comments & you can get to know my other patrons by interacting with them in the feed as well.  I'm really looking forward to this being a lot of fun.

WHO am I?  If you're not already familiar with my work, I'm an artist, mostly known for sculpture & use of 3d printing & projection technology. I've also become known as a proponent for democratizing art, empowering artists, & finding new ways to share art through grass roots style crowdfunding & social media.  You can check me out at JOSHHARKER.COM

Join my story & help me blaze new trails!


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100 patrons will help me save up for some new software or other new tools.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 10 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 10 exclusive posts
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